First attempt Posting with Windows Live Writer

It seems Bloggers post editor is consistently being it’s usual self, a royal pain in the butt when trying to add images with links beneath the image precisely as I want. 

After losing patience and countless expletives, I thought I would take some advice from a previous post about Bloggers post editor, thought I would try out Windows Live Writer, after all, it couldn’t be any worse doing the job it was meant to do.  After downloading and installing, I must say it’s rather nice looking and spacious, not to mention handy being on the desktop, now to see how it performs.




Well, after a little first time using, seems adding an image from the desktop worked out very nicely and smooth, sweet!










Seems adding an image from my Picasa storage worked pretty easily.  I’m starting to like what I see, double sweet!

BTW ….the image to the right is me playing around with an odd idea.





I’m pretty impressed with what I see so far, Live Writer seems to work rather smoothly on this first attempt at posting, not to mention first use.

Curious as to any bugs discovered by other users, and more importantly, what are the must have plug-ins I should download for use.

Before I go, lets try out a link, maybe a place really creative and inspiring, a place such as this perhaps.