Sackcloth & Ash:

If you're interested in music or feel adventurous, just click the link on the right under Navigation and check it out.  Hope to see you there, casual dress is mandatory.

Being a collector of all types of music "a pleasant way off saying music junkie" I decided to incorporate this into my blog Shadowhouse Creations.   Mainly because music is as important to me as art, like life and death,  heaven and hell, you can't have one without the other.

I thought I would share another part of me and and post a diverse  collection of songs and videos and in the process hopefully turn you on  to some new and old album oriented music and bands you may not have  heard of outside of the corporate owned radio and television stations.

I encourage feedback, so please leave a comment, good or bad, feedback  is always welcome, think of it as your voice and opinion, after all,  censorship is not only a suppression of speech, it sucks.