Bokeh Texture Set

Bokeh Texture Set contains four NEW and large textures ready for download.

Art Grunge Texture Set

Art Grunge Texture Set contains five new textures, each texture measuring 2400 X 1800 pixels in size.

 Art Grunge-1 Download

Reality Check .....

Sorry for the absence of posts for the last few days, but reality happened. 

Seems my job was one of a handful that was let go after 15 years of service.  Bad enough losing my job, but at this time of year, so close to the holidays, talk about sucking.  So it seems I'm like so many other Americans looking for work in these troubled times. 

So bare with me in my absence, but please keep checking in, for I will keep posting while searching.

Layer Mask Set ~ 6 Masks

Layer Mask-1 Download

Square Texture Set Vol.25

Square Texture Set Vol.25 contains six aged photo effect textures featuring cracks,scratches and age spots.
I'm real picky with the textures I use, but this set is one of my personal faves in quite some time and I think should be highly usable among the texture community.

Sample image 1 is composed using "Square-154" with the Layer Mode set to "Normal" and the opacity set at 63%.

Sample image 2 is composed using "Square-151" with the Layer Mode set to "Linear Burn" and the opacity set at 28%, plus I also used "Square-150" with the Layer Mode set to "Multiply" and the opacity set at 100%.

Square Texture Set Vol.23


Square Texture Set Vol.23 contains eight new textures, each measuring 2000 X 2000 pixels in size.

Square-136 Download

Square-137 Download  

Square-138 Download

Square-139 Download

Square-140 Download

Square-141 Download

Square-142 Download

Square-143 Download

GrungeBox Mask Set

GrungeBox Mask Set contains six large masks and all you have to do is apply an image as a layer on top of a mask and select a layer mode, the sample below I used the screen  mode.

 Example using the screen layer mode in photoshop.


GrungeBox-2 Download

GrungeBox-3 Download

GrungeBox-4 Download

GrungBox-5 Download

GrungeBox-6 Download