Nature Sounds: check it out

If you're like me "scary thought" and you like the sounds of nature, such as a rainstorm
or forest sounds while you're at work on the computer, then you're going to LOVE this.

Some of you may remember me posting something similar Rainy Mood a few months back, well this one is is so much better.  Nature Sounds lets you make your own composition of
nature sounds and then save it.  You can save your composition as a link, for easy access
or download your composition as a "WAV" file, which you can always convert to MP3 or a file of your choice later.
When you visit, you'll see a box in the middle with 4 sliders and each has its own dropdown
box, from these dropdown boxes you can select sounds such as rain,storms,thunder,snow,
wind in leaves,creek,fire,waterfall and beach, then in another dropdown box, you can add other sounds such as birds,owls,crickets and so much more,there are 29 different sounds to choose from.
Here's a link to a mix I made Good Nights Sleep { }which I put a different sound in each of the four dropdown boxes and saved as a link and also downloaded it as a Wav file to convert to MP3 and loop it continuously then record it to CD to play for a relaxing night of sleep.
Check it out Nature Sounds [ ]