Yet another Blogger Malfunction (solved) for now....

Seems lately every time I turn around Blogger is playing havoc with my blog.  The last few weeks the problem was with my comments posted not showing up, now today it seems I log in but my nav bar still says log in.  It seems I can post and add images but I have no pencil visible for editing a post, and I have to go through the woods, jump over a bush then paddle 10 miles to get to a possible way to edit my post.

This is really starting to become a rather pain in the butt.  Hopefully Blogger/Google gets this fixed before I start thinking seriously about WordPress .......................aaarrrrrrgggghhhhhhhh!

Anyone else experiencing difficulties with their blog, please don't say it's just me, I don't think my heart could take it bout now!  LOL!

Here's a good one, I just now had to sign in " which I already was" to have a way to sign out through editing a post. I shall have a cry now!