Vintage Oil Painting Texture Set + Tutorial

Here’s the finished results, click read more for the tutorial and textures available free for downloading.

Here's a simple technique to give an image a soft vintage feel, with a raised painterly effect.
Here's what I did, as always your image may come out with different results, so it goes with textures,presets and actions.
So if you're still with me, lets go for it.

Here’s the original image I started with.

Step 1. Start with a photo, this will become your background layer.
Oil Painting One texture

Step 2. Apply my "Oil Painting One" texture on top of your photo, this becomes Layer 1.

Step 3. Now set the "Oil Painting One" texture "Layer" Mode to "Darken" and the "Opacity" at 38%.

Here’s what it looks like after applying the "Oil Painting One" texture .
Now lets move on.

Step 4. Now make a duplicate of the "Background Layer" and drag it up so it's on top of "Layer 1"

Step 5. Now for the last step, while still on the duplicate "Background Layer" set the "Layer" Mode to "Multiply" and the "Opacity" to 68%.

Here’s what I came up with for the finished results.

That's it, pretty simple huh!
As always, thanks for stopping in, and while you're here, you might as well take something home with you.