Etched Dark & Rustic Texture Set

Six new textures for downloading plus an example of how I used them on an image.

Before Image:

After Image:

Etched Dark and Rustic Tones Texture Set

Example on how I used:

1. Opened image, which becomes background layer.

2. Opened texture "Etched-1" which becomes layer 1, then set the layer mode to "Color Burn" at 62% opacity.

3. Duplicated background image and sharpened, which I set above layer 1, I set the layer mode at "Light Color" and the opacity at 35%.

4. I open and add the texture "Etched-2" which now becomes Layer 2 which sets above the background copy. I then set the layer mode to "Overlay" and the opacity at 71%.

5. I again make a duplicate of the background layer which becomes background copy 2, and set it as the top layer and set the layer mode to "Multiply" and the  opacity at 26%.

6. I now feel satisfied with my results, so I flatten all layers and save.

 Hope this is of some help and the textures are of some small use.