Facebook Hurts


A fellow blogger - Circus Queen - recently wrote about Facebook and I read it in the abstract, never having had a bad Facebook experience and largely using it for photo sharing and staying in touch. But yesterday I saw the cruel side of Facebook.

The person dishing out the hurt was clever enough NOT to make their comment malicious comms, (which is illegal) but dug the knife in nonetheless.

So what happened?
Well an old colleague is going to the sun for a few months.  I've been wanting to meet up with her for ages but we hadn't pulled it off yet.  When I saw pictures of a great night I innocently commented "did I miss a leaving do?"  Anyone who knows me would know that I wasn't moaning for not being invited but rather expressing that it looked like a good night, and all the people there I get on well with.  I also fleetingly wondered does having a young baby exclude me now - was just a passing thought, but the person in the photo knows I am very fond of her and we regularly exchange comments on Facebook.

Well another old-colleague who de-friended me on FB months ago, decided to comment below mine saying:

What a lovely fun picture... I think its great that you had a party with your close friends to say goodbye. Thats just the way it should be. Hope you have a safe trip and a great time in the sun :-)

Now, what makes it intentional? (1) there were 37 photos but he commented on the same one as me (2) the only comments on that photo were mine and his. (3)And reading between the lines how loaded is that comment? Even though there is a veneer of treacle! I have bolded the loaded bits.

Now this would have NORMALLY been like water of a duck's back BUT Aaron was asleep on my knee and VERY VERY sick (not a regular thing at all and Mum was scared), and I was specifically on Facebook last night, to cheer myself up.  It was the small-mindedness, vindictiveness and unnecessary aspect of it that hurt, and made me cry.

As I blog more, I Facebook less and looks like this trend will continue.

I don't know how people like that sleep at night.  I don't always think I deserve better, but I know Aaron does, and hurt him, and you hurt me.

Don't cross my path again.