Reasons to be Cheerful 1, 2, 3


Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy with a Heart

  1. Aaron's on the mend.  Still didn't give him formula today but he had cordial (as recommended by GP) and 2 bananas, brown bread, breastmilk, and 3/4 of an Organix jar.  This is the first jar he's had since Saturday so it's progress.  And his crawling is nearly back at full speed, and he no longer flops his head on the ground a few seconds into crawling.  Energy definitely on the return.  Oh and he also had a few mouthfuls of carrot and parsnip off my plate at lunchtime.  I knew he was getting back to himself because hubby took him for a walk this afternoon, and when they got back I leaned the banana on the highchair tray to cut it up and Aaron grabbed the half that was still in the skin and started knawing on it caveman style.  THAT made me know his appetite had resumed and that made me happy.  Incidentally we have been following the BRAT diet with Aaron the last few days.
  2. My aunt who visited a few weeks ago, on the way to Australia (from Ireland) is visiting tomorrow on her way back, and she has been skype-ing us from Oz the last few days.
  3. I actually did my first clothes line-dry of the season today. Was happy about that.
After the week we've had, I am definitely leaving it at 3 reasons.  Sadly I could do a longer list of reasons to be sad.  Here's hoping things pick up.

Back with a no.4.  The car seat arrived today and I love it...

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