The posts unwritten

Aaron's asleep on me (he's sick before anyone judges)....

So time to type one-handed.

There are sooooooo many posts I have not written, that are in my head
  1. Tongue tie.  How it affected breast feeding... what it is etc....
  2. Combination feeding.  What's good, what's not.
  3. Low milk supply. What works, what doesn't.
  4. HR rights during maternity.
  5. Circumcision.  Sadly, yes, you read that right :-(
  6. The right length of maternity leave to take.
  7. Having a baby late 30s.
  8. Establishing breast feeding at 6 weeks.
  9. Baby wearing.
and the list goes on and on........ I write rubbish and participate in linkys, when there are some important things to be talked about.  I would have given my left arm to read a post about subjects 1,2,3 and 8 back when I needed to.... Google never gave me the necessary info.....

So when will I
write what matters?

Liska xxx