What is alone since I met you?

Before I met you I never felt a real connection with a girl, but when we first met I knew I wanted to have you and my heart was already starting to feel things when you said you loved me, you made me feel my heart warm always and having a little extra heart inside, your heart
With every day I felt you more and more in my mind and heart, make my mind full of wonderful thoughts and my heart full of special feelings
With every day passing the feeling became stronger and stronger and I was more happy every day, I can even say was the happiest time of my life
But than problems started to occur and we couldn't stay together
Now I need to miss you every day and it is extra hard, I can't change the feeling my heart tell me
So with all the pain inside we had to go apart and needed to let go
Now you said goodbye and let me
I don't feel your heart in mine anymore but I know it's still there hidden inside...

I think I'll never be alone again