Praying, it’s something I’ve never done till today, I went to a church and I was praying for better times and praying for happiness for all people in the world knowing it will never happen

Why should I pray for something that will never happen, would it just be for the good intentions of me or just for a little extra support to get better
why is there so much violence, why is there so much pain, why can’t people let other people live the life they want to live without killing them, discriminating them or throw them into jail just because they are different, if there was a god, why would he/she/it let it happen, what faith lies beneath it?

I want to believe in the good in men but all you see is the bad things, just turn on the TV and watch the news, it’s always ‘’man got killed here’’ and ‘’girl got raped there’’ and when you look to foreign new it’s not any different ‘’afghan pilot kills 9 Americans’’ why, why, why??

So please god, I prayed for getting better again, but if that doesn’t happen, please make some other people better, let them live their life in happiness and good health, protect them from all that is bad and just give them a good life

And when I’m not here I hope you will show the light to people that it is wrong to harm other people, that it is wrong to think that when you have a lot of money it is good to get people killed or assault people because they have things you don’t have, just spread love and happiness across the world and let differences be appreciated and diversity be embraced

Just make people see that they aren’t living to die and then can go to a heaven or hell, why not make the earth a heaven of its own, sharing things we have, why is money more important than HIV vaccines in Africa, why is getting obese in America and Europe getting normal while people in Africa are dying of hunger, just make life good for everybody and everything, let everybody live a life that is wonderful to live…

‘’Improving the world begins with yourself’’