Dreaming of being good again and being with you in the future, that are the only things i want to dream about, just is bad my mind is seeing it differently, just making me see pain of life, pain of me and of other people..

I lived my dream for a while, for just over a year I actually lived a dream, not knowing if you’re sleeping or not because it was so beautiful, I enjoyed every second of it, I loved every moment of we being able to be together

Maybe not physical but still I received every message you wanted to send me, from telling that you loved me or just a little joke and I hope it are the things I will see again in the future

I want to dream again about all the good things in life you have shown me, what it is to be loved so much that you can feel it all the time, that your heart actually can melt from far away, that you can feel your heart really warm and knowing always that there is someone that will be there for you always, that you can trust someone with your life and all your secrets and not needing to worry that you will tell them to someone else or make fun of it, that makes you smile every time he says a word, that he makes you feel beautiful just by saying that you have beautiful eyes and a pretty smile..

I want to be happy in my life again and smile like I used to do when I was with you, but I know it isn’t possible in a short time, I first need sort out my life and need to face my problems before I can dream again of a good life

Without you my life is cold and empty …