I Miss You, but it's too late

I miss you and I miss all we've been together, I miss all the times we could talk and have fun, smile with little jokes and telling new stories, I miss it all
I hope you enjoyed every poem, every time I made a joke, every time I said you are the one, my true love or my everything and I hope you felt beautiful every time I said you were
I have a lot of time to think since I'm alone and I walk a lot outside in the forest and I remember that I am no more the same person, I could not keep the girl of my dreams, because I'm too far away and I need live with the fact that you will never be mine or that I will even see you, I think you don't want to see me in the future when you have a new person in your life, I just hope the time we were together was a wonderful time for you and that you will look out because not everybody is like me, well nobody is like me
I prefer be sad and die alone than have someone that isn't my true love
I will get better, doctor said I have the "stress" to survive, but I don't really care, I preferred die happy than be this way
You will make someone very happy in the future, so it's too late for us and what we had, do with my heart what you please, I will keep your and love it as I did
I will remember you all my life and when I look in the sky I know you're looking at the same, it is the only way we can be together
But still it isn't what I wanted :'(