The World Will Know How Much I Love You

You are a person where everybody should dream of, a person everybody should want as a sister, colleague, friend or girlfriend
You bring so much good to me and people around you, you give strength when they need it, you give a pep-up speech to people that don't see good things happen anymore
You're a friend you can tell everything to, can have fun with and have good moments
You were a girlfriend I wanted to kiss every time I could, sleep with every night, hold you tight always, make love at the right times, going on travels with you and grow old with you but you just are a girl I loved to love
You're a person that gave me special feelings like nobody never can do again, that I trusted with all my secrets and me, you are that special someone everyone searches for in their lives
You're sweet, kind, classy, pretty, beautiful, funny, romantic, crazy, smart, wonderful and you were all mine
You're a wonderful person to be with night and day, 24/7, 365 days a year, I envy the person that will have you in the future
Every time I told you something sweet I really meant it and I hope you know it and you know that everybody can say the same things as I did, no believe them as long as you don't feel something in your heart
I just wanted the world to know how much I love you, I could tell you that if I could change the alphabet I would put U and I together, but I never said those things, I hope I did enough effort for you with writing those poems and I hope you liked them all
The most beautiful about you is not the fact that I could kiss you if I was able to, but the most beautiful was that you let me love you and that you loved me
Now the world knows how special you are
But one thing...
You are the world to me...

Now you know how much I loved you