It just passed 23:35 and I lay here awake in my bed and
I wonder what you are doing now..
Are you sleeping, are you eating, are you playing a game or maybe you're reading..?
Maybe you're in your room, maybe you're outside or you're with friends, I don't know
I hope you're thinking in me like I think in you, thinking in the times we were together so late at night and we talked till next morning about all things we liked but mainly about each other
Saying so many times how much we wanted to be together and imagined and dreamed many stories together and sharing our thoughts on all kind of subjects
We could talk all night and day for hours and hours and I loved every moment of it
But now I don't know anymore what you are doing but there are so many things
Maybe you're learning for new tests or you're make preparations to go to bed
I just hope you are good, but as long as I don't know what you're doing...

I wonder