Your Mail

I opened my Hotmail a few minutes ago, behind all the crappy advertisement mails and the ordinary ones i saw a special one, a mail from you
I was afraid you would write me that you no more wanted to talk with me, that couldn't take the pain anymore and that you would go away forever but luckily it wasn't that bad
You wrote me that you were sorry for all the pain , for the bad things and for everything you did wrong in your eyes, but that isn't true
We can't help it that life is this bad on us now, that it wants to take away all happy things, that it makes us sick and is making us mad and crazy, questions like ''why now, why me and why us'' will never be answered
It was sweet you wish that I get better and that I don't deserve this but sometimes I guess it maybe is supposed to be this way to come out of all the bad more strong and that you can appreciate the good things again, that the most simple thing like a baby laughing makes you happy again on the inside, but I know that I will never forget this period in my life and that it will make me a new person, a more wise person
It is bad to inform you that not everything is going so well with me but I still hope for a better future for me and especially for you, because you are all I want in this life

I miss the contact with you, I miss you more than you know...