Boot Cut Boot Camp Bootie!

Hi All

A few of us are starting a "plan" and it involves shifting some inches.

We start tomorrow.

Here's my motivation.  Let's call it Motivation Monday shall we....... or will I get in trouble because that already exists *commercial break while New Mum Online goes and checks* [talk amongst yourselves for a moment]...... hhhhhm it does.... wouldn't you know it, it's already done here.

Well does it have to have a name.....?

Here are my reasons to shed some fat.

  1. Just look at this photo! Look at the arms on that! This is a zoomed in version of the photo I used for the "green" post that I submitted for last week's "The Gallery".  Everyone left sympathetic comments that I looked great and that my arms weren't big, so I thought I would magnify the situation to help it drum home, to me at least [thanks for your kind words though...].
  2. When I went shopping for my return to work clothes (after maternity leave) the size 16s wouldn't fit...... but I bought them anyway... ooopsss.  Husband does NOT know that.... he looked after Aaron while I shopped and it was a VERY tense weekend to say the least.  Although the whole day was about shopping, I only left them alone in a cafe in Debenhams for ONE HOUR.  By the way the husband greeted me upon my return you would have thought I'd left them for a whole day.... I didn't dare tell him that I'd bought jeans that I would have to shrink into.... the shrinking needs to commence... I have been wearing OLD jeans to work.  I wouldn't mind but I left them BOTH with food....
  3. The husband was watching a home video the other day... he told me about it that night and I said what were you watching THAT for? In THAT video I was the fattest I have ever been. He looked shocked, and gave me a wake up call. He informed me that I am bigger NOW ......... WTF!!!!!
  4. I'd like to have pride in myself - I don't have that when I am the size I am now.  We watched a home video yesterday of our time in Japan in 2004, and I didn't recognise myself.... I looked GOOD.   VERY good and it made me sad as it was like I was looking at a different person.........
  5. When Aaron is old enough to care about what people look like I want him to be proud of his Mummy and not embarassed if she is waiting at the school gates.
I'm gonna leave it there for now, and save my energy for watching what I eat this week.

It's not even baby weight as I looked better in December than I do now.  In August the Dr weighed me at 88 kg, whereas a few weeks ago the Dr weighed me at 95 kg WTF!!!!!!!!!

Let the weight loss commence..... I NEVER thought that would be a topic on here, that was what Liska Life (my old blog) was for.....

These ladies are starting a plan with me. Tell us about it ladies:

Claire has now joined us after reading the above.  She wrote this fabulous post and can be found at


Liska xxx