I made a hard decision today, I decided to let go, let go of everyone and everything, I just am doing everything alone, I give up my friends and family, my treatment and my things, I just want everything out of my way, I don't care what anyone else has to say about it, just look at your own life and than judge about mine, decisions are based in choices just like a simple one, you see a person with a car that is broken down, you have 2 choices; you help or you continue you own way, the one you pick is your decision, so for me it was; I will keep being sad all the time or I will find inner peace with myself, so I chose for myself, and is the right time for it, I am sorry if you are offended with my decision or disagree, live your life the best way you think you can and I try live mine the way I think is best and let the future show what the best life is
Decisions are inevitable or nothing would ever happen in the world