Forgotten Memories

I've forgotten the girl before you, I hardly remember how she looks, but you, I can't get you out of my mind
But one day I will have to stop with it even tough I know it will take so many years, I remember everything about you, where I met you, the first things we said to each other, the first times we said that we love each other and so many more things and I will have to forget them and give them a place in my mind and when I miss you in the future or think about this time in life I will think in it, I will think in you and me like we used to be and I will remember you and the person you are, but I have to forget you or I get crazy, I can't comprehend that it is over between you and me but it still is, so when I forget all the good things the bad will follow slowly after, I will suppress them and when I am old I will forget them, but the good will always be remembered in my heart but for now they are just forgotten memories