1 Wish.

I'm sorry I haven't been writing for a while, I had nothing to write about, nothing that changed my situation or any other good news, I'm afraid I only have bad news..

My days are a little of the same every day again, I wake, I check my mail and your blog and I just start to walk around all day to see if there are rooms available, getting something to eat and I am looking for work and by the way, I think it is better if I don't tell you where I sleep and what I eat because it would just make you feel sad because it just rains all day and where I sleep isn't inside, I am just completely cold all day but I have no reason to feel lost and hopeless, I make my own life and take my own steps, I am f*cking independent :)

But there is something that isn't making me so happy, I look every day to see if you wrote something new on your blog or that you've send a little mail but unfortunately no and it is making me a little disappointed, maybe you have no inspiration to write (me neither) or you didn't have the opportunity to write, there could be a million reasons and I've just seen some visits from your country but I don't know if it was you but I hope it was because this blog is for you and I like it when you visit me.

So if I could make 1 wish today, just one.. I wish I could spend the night with you, just being able to hug you and keep you tight in my arms that have been empty each and every day, feel your warm body in my arms and hear you softly breath, I just wanted your lips to be pressed on mine just one time and I just want to feel happy again, just one time.

That's my only Wish.