I've been thinking a lot today, about my future and I have been seeing the news about an attack in Norway, that so many young people have been killed, last time I counted they said 92 and I felt so sad because why did it happen, why do such things happen, it is horrible but it is reality and reality is about good and bad things, but in this life we need miracles.
You can come from a country with a billion people, have wars and a lot of problems but still in some way your parents have met each other and made You, and I think you can call that a miracle

The miracles of everything and everyone, that it is possible to create life inside a woman and how it is possible that the earth spins around 24 hours without anyone falling off, yes that are things that I call miracles.
Miracles that things can grow but that it dies too, people that sit in a wheelchair can walk again, sometimes I even think that flying in a plane is some sort of a miracle when you think of it.

It was a miracle that I found you and even tough we are no longer together I still am very grateful that I found you, you were that miracle that shaped me little by little to the person I am today and will keep shape me more and more in the future.
The place where I found you is not a place you'd never expect a person like you to talk to, to dream with, to smile with and to connect your heart to, yes to me you are a miracle, you were my very own miracle but it wasn't meant to stay, you will make someone else very happy and it is a good thing
Happiness and love are the things I wish you so much, I wish them for everybody so their lives are beautiful from the cradle till the grave.

I think you deserve a miracle the most from all the persons I've ever met, you are sweet, you are kind and you are very caring, you deserve a better life.

but I..

I need a miracle too.