You Don't Know Anything About Me..

What do you do, say or feel when someone else knows better than yourself how you feel, that someone says that you feel happy but when you say you feel sad that they call you a liar and it hurts inside
How are you supposed to react when someone else tells you how you feel, how the F&%* does someone else know how I feel and calls me a M&$&$F#^#+$ liar when I tell this person how I really feel...Grr I can get so mad with it..

Some people are lucky to have a person in their life that knows just by looking at you how you feel, that person can tell if you are happy, sad, scared or any other feeling and knows how to respond to it to make you feel good about all the things that are happening, someone that believes in your abilities when you have an exam or will hold you tight when you are cold, it is something you don't have to ask, this person will do it and you feel save with him or her and it is something (I think) everyone is looking for, and when you have it make sure you never loose it like I did, just keep holding and loving him or her more and more every day.

Now I have these fake persons with fancy diplomas and they tell you what is good for you, how you feel and how to live your life, they don't even know me, they don't know what I feel, if I tell them I am ready to blow my head off they would say I am overreacting, give me a recipe for some pills and tell me that I should do this instead of that, who the hell are they to tell me what to do, what to feel or what not to feel?

I got here all by myself, some pills won't change me, I'm fine, and I would like to share some words with those fake persons:

''They Say I'm A Dangerous Man, All I'm Doing Is Come Up For Me Own Rights, My Own Needs, And If I Have To Hurt Someone To Get What I Need, I Will Do It Without A Second Thought.
I'm Not A Bad Man But Still They Draw Me Like The Bad Guy In Their Papers, I'd Like To Share A Laugh Or Two, I Like Jokes, But Don't Push Me Till You Wake The Animal Behavior That's Hiding Inside Of Me. I'm Not A King But I Want To Be Treated Like A King, If I Want Something Done, I Will Do It By My Goddamn Self.
I'm A True Leader In My Own World, My Life Is My Life, Not Your! So Keep Your Hands From It, Point A Finger At Me And I Might Break It, It Takes One Snap, Just Remember That..
I'm Always Right, And You're Always Wrong!'' 

I Love You Always <3 :)