The future I had in mind for me long ago is so far away from the point I am at now, I couldn't ever imagine it a year ago, just 1 year ago I was so, so happy with you and we were imagining our future and how we wanted to spend it till we would die together, I was so sure it would happen and nothing could change my ideas and look where I am now, I'm down, I'm lonely, I'm sad, I'm alone, there's no one to hold and even my own family doesn't want to have me close to them, yes... it's a future that I could only dream of in my darkest hour.

Days slowly pass, every day a bit more dark than the day before, yes the sun may shine but inside the light slowly starts to fade and so does my hope for a better future but it is too easy to say that it will never get better, I can't look in the future tough I am so curious for it, I am so curious what will happen between us, will we be together again or will we each go our own way and let the past rest, I know what I want but it is the most unlikely thing that can happen, but if True Love really exists I know it will happen and we will find each other.

I hope who ever that is reading this isn't feeling as unhappy, unwanted, not loved or just bad, I hope you are doing well, have all you can dream of and that life treats you well.

I don't know what will happen in the future, if it will get better or will get worse, I just know that I want it to spend with you and if god wants it, I will wait till eternity for you or as long as you want me to wait