Love is like...

Every day I look outside, whether it is raining or if the sun is shining, I see animals together and happy, I see them flying in the rain or I see some little squirrels running in the trees and then I think of you
When I see little birds in their nest while the father is looking for worms and the mother is keeping them warm I think of us and how we could have been, making you a good breakfast while you were still laying in bed and I could make you a little happy

I know what made you go away from me is still keeping you away from me I know and it still hurts us both because the love between you and me isn't becoming any less and I will describe it a little in the animal world and luckily I haven't seen it yet and I hope I never have to because in my opinion it is one of the saddest things of life

Swans are beautiful birds, they are majestic and somehow I think they are the ''animals of love'' just like we were the ''humans or love'' but something about them makes them so beautiful, when they find the Swan they want to be with they will never go away from it again, they stay together always, they swim together and lay their necks into each other and make the infamous heart shape like this picture shows ==>

So from then on they defend each other like crazy, they fight for each other like I would do for you, they protect the family and their lover and I'm sure you know or heard from people that Swans can get very aggressive when they have little swans with them and just as people do, when they have children they (hopefully) always care for them and make sure they grow up

But here comes the sad part, there are 2 ways that can end the life of a Swan, Age or a Hunter, and it doesn't matter which one of it is, because the other Swan will always stay with the lifeless body, so when one of them dies the other swan will go crazy but still will bring food and tries to get the life back in the other swan but we know that it won't happen, the Swan stops eating too because of the pain of love that it brings so the living Swan dies too and in one way I think it is so beautiful, that you die for the one you really love because I would do it too

So if you'd ask me now what love is, I think Love is like....being able to give all time and happiness to the one you love with all your heart