Searching For Clues

So sorry for the unavoidable absence, it seems bad luck has dealt me another blow.  Recently my external hard drive containing at least 80% of my artwork and texture collections, let alone other resources like brush collections, works in the making and my music collection was lost.  My old hard drive was showing signs of concern, you know, the obnoxious grinding noises and intermittent peek-a-boo contents, so I purchased a new hard drive (Western Digital USB 3.0) and transferred content from the old hard drive to the new, which was so painful and slow due to the rapidly aging of the old HD.  Two days later it seems my new (Western Digital USB 3.0) died on me, locked up and won't even open, and yes it seems I've lost years of work and color in my hair, not to mention an arsenal of verbal expletives in the process.

Starting over SUCKS, but unfortunately it has to be done, so, with another new hard drive (fingers crossed) and cloud storage, I've been spending all my free time downloading and storing what I have loaded at various places all over the web.  I'm really starting to believe in the old saying,"if I didn't have bad luck, I'd have no luck at all" very strongly.  Enough ranting from me, just thought I'd let you know I'm still breathing and hopefully I can take some time away from disc recovery this weekend and spend some positive time to put something new together to post.  Hope to see you soon and may you and yours have a wonderful weekend.