October Mask Set

October Mask Set contains four new masks of various designs, hopefully
they may be of some small use.

Download Zipped Set Here:


October Square Texture Set 2

October Square Texture Set 2 contains twenty large and various textures, each measuring
2000 X 2000 pixels in size. Hopefully the set can be of some use to your creative ideas and work.

Download Zipped Set Here:


The Gallery - Faces


This is my entry for this week's Gallery with the theme Faces.

Until I can communicate fully with Aaron, everything is about faces.  Carrying him via baby wearing, I have learned that.

I carried you and I loved you and you were part of me - with me

I hold you so close
Your face is near mine

You can see me
I can see you

Near me to kiss
I cannot miss

Your heartbeat I feel
Your smell is so real

I can’t let you go
Carry you where e’er I go

Your face in my sight
Just there, it feels right

Our faces speak the words in our heart
Until you can talk, communication is an art

Your face calls my soul

The smiles on your face
The questions on your face
The curiosity on your face

My life, your life, our life
Baby Wearing so convenient at the Airport (August this year)

Still baby wearing at 16 months

MUMenTUM - Monday Mum Tum



Yes, I still have not started, but Aaron has his baptism and party on 30th October and as I want to start with the Lemonade diet there will not be chance to do it justice before the party (even though I'd originally intended slimming down for the party to look good in the photos). But I hadn't bargained on how stressful work got and that makes me EAT.

So I will start the Lemonade Diet (AKA the Master Cleanse) after the party, and until then Big is Beautiful - hubby has given me a few compliments lately :-)

So over to you, what are you up to?

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Fancy Dress Outfitters - A Review - Halloween for Babies - baby Boys!


One of the reasons I am blogging less is that it is so so time consuming so I am going to see if I can write this review up in 30 minutes (as I am shattered and need an early night).

We were offered the chance to get a free Halloween Outfit in exchange for a product review.  For the lovely company Fancy Dress Outfitters.

I loved dressing Aaron up as Santa at Christmas so why not for Halloween.

We chose the Vampire Outfit as I could tell it would suit Aaron best.

This is how it looks on the packaging:

Aaron is 16 months and big for his age so we bought it in age 1 to 2 years and it fits PERFECTLY.

If you would like to order one too, you can find it by going to their website

The company was established in 2009 and is now one of the UK's leading fancy dress costume websites, with customers throughout the UK and EU.

They can be found at:

Blog: http://blog.fancydressoutfitters.co.uk/ (They put costume ideas, advice and some silly things on there)

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/@iwantfancydress

So back to the REVIEW.

Well Aaron didn't like having the head covering on - he doesn't like hats! so look at these snaps:

okay so far

oooops my head is covered!

I am waiting Mum! Take it OFF!

I mean it!

That's better - Phew!
So he looks gorgeous doesn't he?

I will add some more smiley photos when I get him to wear it again but I was conscious that I need to do the review while it is still early enough for YOU to order something for Halloween for YOUR baby :-)

This outfit retails at £17.77.

If you are going to a party it is well worth it.

Only one naughty thing on the packaging, they say the outfit contains SHOES when they are really shoe coverings.

I made my deadline of writing this post by 21:30 so that I can have an early night - wow I am well impressed when some reviews have taken me HOURS.

Liska x

MUMenTUM - Monday Mum Tum

Hi Everyone

Another week of me eating naughty things I am afraid.

And I feel bigger not slimmer.

I am just purely here to open up the linky for you all but I will read all your posts and spur you on.

Much love


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Liska xx

Not Mine

I once felt the strength of your arms
As they embrassed my ever-loving body,
The warmth of your heart
As you placed your lips oh, so gently to mine,
The serenity of your love as you traced my every line,
The passion in your eyes as you stared deep into my soul.

Do I dare ask where all of that has gone?
The strength has turned to weakness
And the warmth to frigid breath,
The serenity to hostility
And the passion to necessity.

Why is all that you felt for me
All of a sudden so far away?
Will it ever return someday?

I look deep into myself,
To see if it's me who's changed
But, I find no answers to my questions.
To this, I guess, my heart is destined.

Destined to be lonely, never to be free.
Ask what you will, my love
But, please just ask for me.
In my heart... you'll always be.


All Apologies

First off, please except my apologies, it seems when I logged on this morning I was rudely awakened by 33 e-mail failures, all of which I did not send.  I've never, ever experienced anything like this before.  Not sure where to start, I'm assuming I have a bug, which I'm loaded with virus security, so I'm not sure how it got in.  Thought I would post this for all to read, again I apologize for any inconvenience.

I shall run a scan with Norton and check with Yahoo mail ........ what fun today brings!

*** UPDATE ***

First of all, I'd like to thank those who have responded with help, deeply appreciated.
Secondly, I can't express my apologies enough, I'm truly sorry for any inconvenience.

I've changed my password with ATT/ my e-mail provider, hopefully this does the trick.

I'm not sure what and how I was infected, but my computer seems okay, and the only
thing I did out of the ordinary yesterday, was I went to the Vimeo video site and watched
some Photoshop CS5 tutorials, not sure if that's the culprit or not, but to be safe, I will not
return anytime soon.

I'm understandingly getting so many e-mail responses my head hurts, and if you by any chance get
further strange e-mails supposedly from me, please let me know, thanks.

Again, please do not follow any links within the supposedly e-mails sent from me, just to be safe!

Again, I'm so sorry.



October Square Set

October Square Set contains twenty four textures/backgrounds of various
colors and designs. Each texture/background measures 2400 X 2400 pixels
in size, which can be stretched to fit images other than square.  Hope these
can be of some use.

Click images to view larger:

Download Zipped Set Here:


MUMenTUM - Monday Mum Tum

Hi Everyone

Sorry I am doing this so late. Makes it hard for people to enter the linky on a Monday - which is why I always used to load it up on Sunday night.

I wasn't lazy last night. Aaron vomited at 7.30 p.m. and continued to do so until 11 p.m. (a total of 5 times). Then he woke at 5 a.m. hungry and I waited till 6.30 a.m. before I felt safe to give him a bottle (as he wasn't keeping them down last night). He had 3 this morning and kept them all down. Thank God. But it all put pay to my intentions to get the Linky live on Sunday.

If you have been keeping an eye out for it all day, do forgive me. Please.

So back to Mumentum.

I am calling this the Who Am I post... Because...
  1. I am a slim girl inside a fat body
  2. I am a tidy person inside a messy person
  3. I am an early riser inside a late riser
  4. I am an organised person inside chaos
  5. I am a healthy person inside a bad eater
  6. I am a yoga teacher inside a sloth
  7. I am a know it all inside a know nothing
  8. I am a practicer inside a preacher
  9. I am spiritual inside a non thinker
Basically, when I am the person inside, my soul sings.  But unfortunately, 99.9% of the time I am the person on the outside, chasing my own tail, while quoting many and varied reasons for doing so.

When I occasionally honour the person within, I feel in line with the universe and EVERYTHING falls into place.  Only trouble is, it is rare.  And with a baby, it is becoming more and more rare.  And since being back at work, juggling work and baby, it is non-existent.  I am a yoga teacher who hasn't even done one asana since giving birth, and he is nearly 16 months old.

Anyway, what I KNOW from my spiritual knowledge is that when you put an intention out there, your soul starts preparing even before your body does.  Due to this phenomenon, I haven't enjoyed food for the last few days.  And why, because, I strongly believed when I wrote my Mumentum post last week, that I would start the lemonade diet on my days off that have just passed (I work Tuesday to Thursday so am back at work tomorrow). Because my soul THOUGHT I would stick to it, it was already lined up to be off food on a liquid diet. But I did not honour my intention.  I need to BUT I want to start it on days off so now need to wait till Friday PLUS you have to use B grade maple syrup and I haven't sourced it yet........ yawn zzzzzzz

But I have now booked Aaron's baptism (and party) for 30th October, and I want to look good for that, so I now have a deadline....... :-)

Anyway I have rambled enough, but hopefully I have opened up enough that you know where I am at.  I feel a bigger sense of clarity anyway.  Sorry I have waffled a little, but it felt right...

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Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Mad Blog Awards - Oh What a Night


MAD Blog Awards 2011

Well I was fortunate to be a "helper" at the Mad Blog Awards - a night not to be missed in the Mum Blogging world.

From the moment I arrived I could tell it was a red carpet affair as we got papped on the way in (okay - I asked to be papped - so sue me!) :-) ........ But I got the red carpet snap to prove it.

The event was being held at Talk Talk's consumer experience centre.  Talk Talk were one of the sponsors of the Mads, and really put on a great show.

I could see the bar was being manned by Talk Talk so I asked "what's a girl to do" and was told that I would be manning the X Factor competition (karaoke) with Kate, also known as @IAmWitWitWoo who blogs at http://witwitwoo.com/

At first we were not busy but once word got round, people came upstairs to us in every break and we had queues.  Kate turned out to be the technical wizzard loading the entries onto the X Factor website so I was free to take a few videos like this:

Anyway it was a SUPERB night and I got to meet the following:
  • Jenny from Gingerbread House - she was manning the cloakroom - ages since I have last seen her.  First time I have seen her with a bump as she was not showing at Blog Camp and I met her after she had Edward.
  • Circus Queen - superb to meet for the 1st time after all our Tweets about our Moby Wraps.
  • Pippa. The blogger with the amazing voice.
  • Bloggomy - first time we've met up since Xmas in July.
  • Sally - the main woman herself - not seen her since the Boots Treat Street event where I volunteered to help at the Mads.
  • Sharon from I Heart Motherhood - now without bump.
  • Stay at Home Mum Loving it - now with bump.  Congrats again.
  • Sophie from Super Amazing Mum.
  • Nickie from I am Typecast.
  • Luschka from Diary of a First Child - one of the first Mummy blogs I commented on.  Someone who actually got back to me, and more than once and really warmly - love ya and you are just as nice in real life.  Oh and that is another lady expecting no.2.
  • Mummy Whisperer who had the best dress of the night on and whose baby I fell in love with.
  • Mich from Mummy from the Heart.  My blog diehard friend through thick and thin.
  • I just know I am going to have forgotten someone above but I have spent far too long on this post already.
Hilariously, I have both sides of the camera, when Mammy Woo sung KaraokeShe is one fun, whacky, gorgeous lady.  I say whacky as she pulled a fillet out of her bra in the middle of this video.  I say gorgeous as I have never seen a photo of her on her blog and didn't expect her to look the way she did - I said the same thing to her :-)

  • and then this is the film from me filming it, behind them, the other side of the web cam:

Because myself and Kate operated the laptop that recorded people's Xfactor entries, I have some great videos of people doing their karaoke - they can all be found on my Mad Blog Awards photo bucket page.

Here is a slideshow from there in case you don't pop over:

Bye for now (gosh after not blogging for months, boy did this post take a long time).

Thanks Sally for an amazing night.  And everyone I had so much fun with. This was at the end of the night - you can tell what a high we were on:

Untitled from Sally Whittle on Vimeo.

You just have to visit the official posts here and here.

Liska xxx

How adobe store sucked the life right out of me

Is it just me?

I finally decided to upgrade from Adobe Photoshop CS3 to CS5, seems the price was right
but the experience from placing my order to the actual download was a nightmare from hell.

First off, when placing my order, which I've ordered from the Adobe store before, and so
my prior information was already in place, and all was correct from a prior order, but it
seems my info was incorrect, it kept sending me back to the billing page, numerous times.

So after numerous attempts and countless expletive outburst I decided to get assistance
via chat, ain't this a hoot!

First suggestion, try doing it all again, "priceless information" but as a good little
soldier, I decided to follow along, three times no luck, but right before the forth attempt
and my head was about to explode .............it finally decided to work,F@#k me!

Now, off we go to PayPal for to purchase, all seems okay now, click to log in, and I'm sent
back to Adobe billing page, about now I could bite the head off a chicken.

Ring, ring, assistance once more, again I have to explain my ordeal, hoping for a quick and
easy solution, crossing my fingers and almost on the verge of praying before I see the words
typed from assistance, please try again.

After more expletives and contemplating reasons to purchase a fire arm I decided to play along,again.

Eureka, finally my Paypal purchase went through and was sent back to Adobe store for download.
I'm thinking, finally, what possibly could go wrong now?
Quickly I found out, it seems Adobe has a certain downloader called Akamai.
It doesn't work, sets there rotating in my browser, actually blinking. Now I try the alternative
download, and after a slow start it downloads the instructions on what to do before downloading.
I save to desktop, click on the downloaded PDF Install Instructions to read, here's where I feel
the rage that the zombies felt in the movie "28 Days Later," I read " Adobe Creative Suite 5.5
Navod k instalaci pri elektronickem nakupu ..............WTF!

I need a relaxer, so I go for a cup of coffee, third cup actually.
Now I decide to investigate, so I scan down the 30 page PDF, yes, there on page seven I come across
"Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Electronic Purchase Installation Instructions" I'm sure a smile came across
my face before the question rushing forward in my head, what in hell is 5.5?

Finally I decide I have to manually download the zipped files, heh, no problem!
Wrong, it seems Adobe downloads are slower than snail mail, something of this size I've downloaded many
times and a lot, lot quicker, it takes 48 minutes to finally download. The cups of coffee has turned into
a cold beer, early yes, but it's a must have calming agent at the moment.

Finally I unzip, install, update and back up on disc, what a slow and painful adventure it's been.

I now haave Photoshop 7 ~ CS3 Cs5.5 and Elements 10 installed, oink oink oink!

Curious as to how many Photoshop versions you have installed?

MUMenTUM - Monday Mum Tum


I know it is no longer Monday but I just have to do this Mumentum post for my friend Mich.

She is a blogging die-hard extraordinaire and she gave me the nudge I needed to sit here in the dark, with Aaron asleep and the only thing illuminating this room is this laptop.

I used to be so good posting my Mumentum post and the Linky on a Sunday so that you could do your post on Monday before I got out of bed if you wanted..... but I have slipped, to say the least.

But here I am and I have just read Mich's Mumentum post here and been humbled by it.

Anyway I have had a few things going on both at work and at home that have seen me reaching for all the wrong foods so my Mum Tum is still out in force, but it is soon to meet its equal, in the form of the lemonade diet which I will be starting some time in the near future.

I bought the book for my much loved Kindle (yes I have been reading instead of blogging as a way of keeping my sanity).

Anyway, the book (for the lemonade diet) is called The Master Cleanser, and I have read it now twice.

I will do daily video diaries while I am on the diet so that'll be a good laugh :-)

Mich we met up at the Mads Awards on Friday, and while you didn't like the photo you posted in your Mumentum post, I think you will like this one.

At the MADS blog awards on Friday. Left to right: me, Super Amazing Mum, Bloggomy and Mummy from the Heart.

For those who don't know us, I am on the far left and Mich from Mummy from the Heart is on the far right.

Errrrrrrrrm I just found this FAB video from the Mad Blog Awards that includes me and Mich and my Mum Tum is firmly on display, although there aint anything firm about it :-)


Untitled from Sally Whittle on Vimeo.

Bye for now, Liska xxxxxxx

Anyway for those wanting to participate in the Linky here is the Blog Hop.

Feel free to grab the code for the bottom of your post:

Vanessa Carlton - 1000 Miles

Makin' my way downtown,
Walkin' fast,
Faces pass and I'm homebound.

Starin' blankly ahead,
Just makin' my way,
Makin' a way through the crowd.

And I need you,
And I miss you,
And now I wonder...

If I could fall into the sky,
Do you think time
would pass me by?
'Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles
If I could just see you...

It's always times like these
When I think of you,
And wonder if you ever think of me.

'Cause everything's so wrong
And I don't belong.
Livin' in your precious memory.

'Cause I need you,
And I miss you,
And now I wonder...

If I could fall into the sky,
Do you think time
would pass me by?
'Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles
If I could just see you...

I, I, don't wanna let you know
I, I, drown in your memory.
I, I, don't wanna let this go.
I, I, don't.

Makin' my way downtown,
Walkin' fast,
Faces pass and I'm homebound.

Starin' blankly ahead,
Just makin' my way,
Makin' a way through the crowd.

And I still need you,
And I still miss you,
And now I wonder...

If I could fall into the sky,
Do you think time
Would pass.. us by?
'Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles
If I could just see you...

oh oh

If I could fall into the sky,
Do you think time would pass me by?
'Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles
If I could just see you.

If I could just hold you....

Assorted Bokeh Set:

Click image for larger view:

Assorted Bokeh Set contains sixteen large bokeh textures, various sizes,
styles and colors.

SkyDrive Download:



October Desktop Calendar:

Click image for a larger view:

October Desktop Calendar is a photo I took at a roadside farmers market
just down the road from my home. For those who may be interested in
downloading, I put all screen resolutions in one file for downloading, sizes
included are:

1024x768 ~ 1280x800 ~ 1280x1024 ~ 1440x900 ~ 1600x900 ~
1600x1200 ~ 1680x1050 ~ 1920x1080 ~ 1920x1200 ~ 2560x1440
~ 2560x1600

Download The Calendar Set Here:

4Shared Download :