How adobe store sucked the life right out of me

Is it just me?

I finally decided to upgrade from Adobe Photoshop CS3 to CS5, seems the price was right
but the experience from placing my order to the actual download was a nightmare from hell.

First off, when placing my order, which I've ordered from the Adobe store before, and so
my prior information was already in place, and all was correct from a prior order, but it
seems my info was incorrect, it kept sending me back to the billing page, numerous times.

So after numerous attempts and countless expletive outburst I decided to get assistance
via chat, ain't this a hoot!

First suggestion, try doing it all again, "priceless information" but as a good little
soldier, I decided to follow along, three times no luck, but right before the forth attempt
and my head was about to explode finally decided to work,F@#k me!

Now, off we go to PayPal for to purchase, all seems okay now, click to log in, and I'm sent
back to Adobe billing page, about now I could bite the head off a chicken.

Ring, ring, assistance once more, again I have to explain my ordeal, hoping for a quick and
easy solution, crossing my fingers and almost on the verge of praying before I see the words
typed from assistance, please try again.

After more expletives and contemplating reasons to purchase a fire arm I decided to play along,again.

Eureka, finally my Paypal purchase went through and was sent back to Adobe store for download.
I'm thinking, finally, what possibly could go wrong now?
Quickly I found out, it seems Adobe has a certain downloader called Akamai.
It doesn't work, sets there rotating in my browser, actually blinking. Now I try the alternative
download, and after a slow start it downloads the instructions on what to do before downloading.
I save to desktop, click on the downloaded PDF Install Instructions to read, here's where I feel
the rage that the zombies felt in the movie "28 Days Later," I read " Adobe Creative Suite 5.5
Navod k instalaci pri elektronickem nakupu ..............WTF!

I need a relaxer, so I go for a cup of coffee, third cup actually.
Now I decide to investigate, so I scan down the 30 page PDF, yes, there on page seven I come across
"Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Electronic Purchase Installation Instructions" I'm sure a smile came across
my face before the question rushing forward in my head, what in hell is 5.5?

Finally I decide I have to manually download the zipped files, heh, no problem!
Wrong, it seems Adobe downloads are slower than snail mail, something of this size I've downloaded many
times and a lot, lot quicker, it takes 48 minutes to finally download. The cups of coffee has turned into
a cold beer, early yes, but it's a must have calming agent at the moment.

Finally I unzip, install, update and back up on disc, what a slow and painful adventure it's been.

I now haave Photoshop 7 ~ CS3 Cs5.5 and Elements 10 installed, oink oink oink!

Curious as to how many Photoshop versions you have installed?