Not Mine

I once felt the strength of your arms
As they embrassed my ever-loving body,
The warmth of your heart
As you placed your lips oh, so gently to mine,
The serenity of your love as you traced my every line,
The passion in your eyes as you stared deep into my soul.

Do I dare ask where all of that has gone?
The strength has turned to weakness
And the warmth to frigid breath,
The serenity to hostility
And the passion to necessity.

Why is all that you felt for me
All of a sudden so far away?
Will it ever return someday?

I look deep into myself,
To see if it's me who's changed
But, I find no answers to my questions.
To this, I guess, my heart is destined.

Destined to be lonely, never to be free.
Ask what you will, my love
But, please just ask for me.
In my heart... you'll always be.