I Found Love.

I have been thinking, whether to let you know that there is someone new in my life, and there is, I finally found the courage to try and move on, give others the opportunity to hurt me and hope they won't do it.
I found the strength in my body to say to a new person that I love her, and I wonder but hope that you found someone new too and tough we are apart when we once were so close, I truly hope you are happy.

But this poem... this one is for my new love.

''I wanted a mansion once, until I met you, now the only place  I want to live in is inside your heart. 

I once desired diamonds, until I met you, now the only sparkle I need comes from within. 

I used to crave the finest clothing, until I met you, now I want not a single thread to separate our bodies.

I once coveted a fancy car, until I met you, now I want nothing that would put miles between us.

I once prayed for money, until I met you, now I want none of the things money can buy.

I once yearned for a sense of security, until I met you, now my only security comes in knowing you are near.

I once dreamt of a prestigious job, until I met you, now I found my success in knowing that you are happy

I once asked for the world on a silver platter, until I met you, now you are my world and I want for nothing but your touch.''

Loving you has been my teacher, you taught me not to want, being with you
has been my discovery, you were all that I wanted and finding you has been my salvation

I now understand grateful but perhaps most importantly that your love in 
return has been my everything and I thank you for the time I got to know you, maybe we meet again in another life.

but now my I love you, or Ik hou van jou, goes to my new girlfriend.