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Here we are another week.

Well I have spent the last week trying to eat what is left of Xmas, and it has shown on the scales.  I am not one for weighing myself as I believe it is nicer to go by how your clothes feel, and muscle is heavier than fat etc... but I wanted to see if I'd kept the 4kg off that I have been bragging about.

Well a week ago Publicasity gave me a YARD of JAFFA CAKES and the box contained individual boxes of jaffa cakes and suffice to say I am on my 3rd packet.  Yes, in a week!

So, I HAD gone from 95kg to 91kg, and I am now back up at 92kg, but I do not mind as the size 16 jeans are still fitting me, and I still feel slimmer and different! Something HAS indeed shifted - I have more self confidence.

So, here is the guilty YARD:

So, I have ALSO polished off the last of the Celebrations - this evening - which were ALL Mars Bars - not that I don't like Mars but I prefer everything else better!

So now, this week will see me eating healthily and only healthily.

Is Christmas also firmly behind you??? So that we can get a firm behind - ho ho ho!!!!!

Let me know......?

Now, over to you my little pesky pixies.

Lots of love, Liska xxx

London Transport Museum - For Baby Boys!


Last Saturday, Aaron and I woke at 10:12 and I went on the computer over breakfast and realised I was meant to be at the British Chiropractic Association event (to give parents top tips on looking after our backs) hosted by Publicasity PR (who are based in Covent Garden). 

I resigned myself to the fact that I'd have to miss it and between 10 and 11 only had breakfast, but did not get ready. Then at 10:46 a.m. I decided to Tweet-Out 
is anyone going to the chiropractic event in covent gdn today?
and discovered that I heart Motherhood (Sharon) was going:

I'm going! I'm going! Phew someone I know!!
I emailed the PR 
Aaron Huckett


and asked if it was okay to attend only the last hour and got a resounding "yes" so the panic to start getting ready commenced. 

As the hubby was in bed I asked him to get up to look after Aaron and only got expletives because I'd woken him up. 

So I decided I'd get me AND Aaron ready. 

That is no mean feat considering it was 11 and I'd need to be out before 11:50 to have time to top up Oyster AND get the required train. Well we made it..... oh and one thing came to delay us (and test us)- 

Dad had left the buggy in the car, in the garage (!) from the day before and I would need it. So with time and the tick tock of the clock dead against me I had to ask for his car keys and garage keys and get the buggy out. I do not know how I dressed us both, packed Aaron's bag and got out but we made it and boy am I glad that we did, as we had the best day out that we've ever had since he was born. 

We ended up in the LONDON TRANSPORT MUSEUM and it was the most child friendly place that I have ever taken Aaron and joy oh joy we will get to go again as my £13 entrance fee is valid for a YEAR!

So, first of all, after the British Chiropractic Association event finished, we went to the park with Kate and her wonderful son Skig.  We went to the Drury Lane Gardens park.  At the time, I did not know the name of it and it has just taken me 30 full minutes to find it on t'internet.

Aaron loved it.  He went up the steps by himself and down the slide by himself - I was flabbergasted but he was just so so confident it was unreal. I just stood and kept my arms ready in case something went wrong, without passing my fear onto him.

All 4 of us then walked to Covent Garden where we went our separate ways.

I introduced Aaron to the mime artists and ermmmmm he wasn't impressed:

Take him away Mummy!
I then got very very very hungry and had a bad experience in the 1st restaurant we went into (not at all child friendly) so I decided to go to the London Transport Museum.  I asked security about 100 questions before we queued up (1) do you have a changing room - yes (2) are you child friendly - a humble yes when they should shout it from the rooftops (3) do you have a cafe/restaurant - yes two! and (4) they have a FAB shop.  Also, she gave me leaflets to read whilst in the queue and I was even showing them to others, which really made us know it was worth our while to queue.

Entrance Fee:
When I paid I was so impressed.  £13 for me and Aaron free.  I was asked if I was a UK tax payer as they treat the money as a donation so they apply for gift aid on it.  If you do this, the ticket is valid for a YEAR - I am so pleased by that and will be back! Hopefully the day after tomorrow if things work out!

When you go in, you get the lift to the 3rd floor and then visit each floor in turn, descending.

It was all so beautiful and the visuals were so strong, that Aaron's eyes were forever like saucers.  And he'd been about to nod off when we 1st went in.

We eventually got to the children's play area and he was in 7th heaven. You can see all of the photos here.

At the end of the tour (above the shop) there is a fab cafe.... they have LOTS of high chairs and wonderful staff BUT Aaron threw a fork at a breastfeeding lady when we were in there - yes the shame of it!

Anyway, all of our photos are here:

As you can see the art-work at the Museum is out of this world.

I really really enjoyed myself - as did Aaron.

If you have a child under 6 I would HIGHLY recommend the play area.  Aaron was able to pretend to drive a train, tube, bus and taxi and was in his element.

Liska xx

Becky We Love You

Becky your exit was first class,
as was your seat on the plane.

I could only swoon at you, and
I can feel your pain.
Corrie won't be the same without you
whatever will we do...

I'll look at the stars and always think of you,

Revenge was sweet and worth the wait
Tracy's face, at the marriage gate

A better life awaits you now,
Just a first class trip away,

When champagne's on tap,
Who in their right mind'd stay

Five grand you've left with your sister,
a goodbye smirk to your Mister.

Off you've gone, and here we are
And all I can say is I'll miss ya!


Quotable lines from Becky's last scenes:

"Leaving's going FROM innit? I'm more your going TO kinda girl!"
"Question. Serious one.  Are you in the mile high club?"
"Toast to going TO"
"No! Save your cash man. Got my duty free up there"
"it's first class everything's free"
"Seriously... hhhhm... waitress... Lob us the bottle"
"Regrets are for people what stop on the ground. We're heading for the stars!"

Wish I was too Becky. Wish I was too!


Nice Wallpaper
Nice Wallpaper
Nice Wallpaper
Nice Wallpaper
Nice Wallpaper
Nice Wallpaper
Nice Wallpaper
Nice Wallpaper
Nice Wallpaper

MUMenTUM - Mums losing Mum Tums - Monday Blog Hop


Well I am really looking forward to reading your #Mumentum posts. I haven't weighed myself so I don't know if the 4kg is still off, but the size 16 jeans are still fitting :-)

I am going to start a detox soon I just need to time it right.

Me and my aunt have said that we will be size 12 by April. I hope it is possible, and that I'll do it.

This was my favourite Mumentum post last week. It gave me a late night watching the video, but it was well worth it as the content is so thought provoking. And judging by how much Mama Owl has lost this week, I really need to read this.

Actually Michelle Twin Mum also uploaded a thought provoking video (yesterday) but nothing to do with Mumentum.

Bye for now - link up below - Liska xxx

Here is the Linky:

The One Where I nearly Set the House on FIRE


I recently nearly burned down the house.

Here's what happened.  Aaron loves to pull down the springs on the toaster - left and right - it does FOUR slices.  I always turn it off at the socket, but hubby had used it on this day and had left it on at the socket.  Only trouble was, the kitchen was in such a mess I had run out of surfaces so THREE boxes of weetabix were on top of the toaster when Aaron turned it on - on both sides.

LUCKILY I was making pasta adjacent to the toaster and even more luckily, I don't go off an leave it unattended to come back when the water's boiled - had I done so, the kitchen would have been on fire and we'd have had to evacuate. I know how quickly fires start and finish having been a Fire Warden for years and years.

So there I was watching the pasta even though it was no where near boiled and I got a smell - the pan I was using does NOT have a plastic handle so I knew it wasn't that.  I was just looking at the hob to see if there was anything on it that was creating the smell as it is a gas hob and things sometimes stick to the hob and then get burned by the flames and suddenly something made me look to the left of the hob and it dawned on me that my weetabix was HOT and for all the wrong reasons!

I was scared it was smouldering on the inside of the box so I dunked it all in the sink.

Here's some snaps:

Even though the cardboard didn't burn this was the inside

The brown burn marks where the hot parts of the toaster are!

When they said Try it Hot! I don't think that's what they meant!

How close my toaster is to the hob (excuse the mess!)

Cookery books and timber framed cuboards - erm! it woulda GONE UP in seconds!
And it gets worse, because I was so busy at work my home and contents insurance had lapsed - so badly lapsed that I only renewed it today 20th January when it expired 14th December.

So had the fire started that woulda been the end for us - we would have had a mortgage on a property that quite literally went up in smoke.

So lessons learned are - (1) turn the toaster off at the socket (2) don't store things ON TOP of it, no matter how crowded the kitchen (3) in fact because of point 2 get better at keeping the kitchen tidy (made good headway today) (4) good that I stay WITH the pasta while it is boiling and (5) heat Weetabix in the way intended from now on.

Since Aaron's been weaned he has OATIBIX for breakfast every day and I have Weetabix; I do believe it is quite a healthy breakfast.

I did mention this incident here, but it has taken me till now to write about it.  Crazy that it happened back then, and yet I didn't get the insurance in place till today - CRAZY!

Bye for now, Liska xxx

MUMenTUM - Monday Blog Hop for Mums losing weight

Hi All

Well it's more or less half way through January and I am still in my size 16 jeans.

I now need to go up a gear and start a detox sometime soon but I don't quite feel ready for that yet.

This is just a brief post to open the Linky really, as it is after midnight and I want to go to bed.

I will write a longer post tomorrow.

I will leave you with a picture of the jeans that I threw away this week.  Look closely and you will see that not only were they size 18 but I had continued to wear them despite the button* having POPPED off (under strain) months ago *that metal stud is where the button USED to be.  I used to hold them together with a belt AND wear a long top on top.  Oh the shame of it.

Glad they are in the BIN (since this week) and I am now in my 16s.  Remember nothing tastes as good as slim feels :-)

Over to you ladies, link up here:

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