Listography at Kate Takes 5


I am writing this post for this week's Listography where the prompt is:

"Top 5 Phrases That Drive Me Crazy"

  1. It’s not about that...(someone at work used to say this and it drove ALL of us crazy!)
  2. You’ll be alright before you get married (I spent all my vacations in Ireland growing up, and every time I got hurt, my Mum or a relative said this, even if I was in a lot of pain.  I always mentally shouted "No I won't!" - it's scarred me for life :-) )
  3. Nothing (in life) Worth Having Comes Easy (I am spiritual and like to believe in prosperity not scarcity).  This and the next two phrases, I think are made popular so as to keep us in our boxes so that we don't expect too much out of life.
  4. There’s no such thing as a free lunch - actually I believe there is and have enjoyed many of them.
  5. Life’s a bitch - again, a horrible put down phrase that keeps us humdrum, and out of touch with our very essence and our true potential.
Sorry to be deep, but I really do believe that we are meant to be controlled like automatons.

And don't get me started on the fact that they lead us to believe that no. 13 is unlucky when it so so so isn't!

If you want to read more on "13", the last few paragraphs here make an interesting read.  I have no links to this site, just found it now, on a quick Google search, and just had a read to check it made sense.

Liska xxx