Inner Truth - Week 3


This is a Monday blog hop linky for anyone on a soul searching journey of inner change or personal development.

I write this post with a very heavy heart as it is the second Mother's Day in a row (the only 2 I have had given that Aaron is 21 months) and for both of them my husband has done NOTHING, yet on both, he had made a fuss of his Mum.

Suffice to say, I think I will have to leave the country for Mother's Day next year; I can't be doing with the disappointment of it, and seeing him on that day just rubs my nose in it.

Every time I walked passed adverts in the last few weeks I looked away - I had the dread one would have if approaching the anniversary of a death - ridiculous! Due to that avoidance, I didn't register the date and assumed it'd be early April like last year.  How could I forget April 2011, when it coincided with the same week that I went back to work after maternity leave.

Anyway, I was on my train home from work on Thursday, when someone said it was this Sunday, 18th March.  News to me!  I must have said shit a 1,000 times as my Mum's part of Ireland does not have post on Saturday and as it takes 2 days I would have needed to have posted her card on Wednesday...... I have never missed a Mother's Day for my Mum, and I couldn't order a last minute bouquet as she considers them a waste of money.

So me and Mum had about 3 phone calls with each other yesterday, and she kept me sane.  And I did not shed a tear.  Shed enough for a year last year.

So I royally cheated on my lemonade diet yesterday.......

Unsurprisingly the scales reflect it today.

I am looking a lot slimmer though.

I am sorry that I cannot be more upbeat. but with a name like Inner Truth, I had to be honest about where I am at.

Liska xx

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