What did you make sure you did before you had a baby?

Newborn Aaron

We seriously discussed having a baby when I was 30 years of age. At the time I had quite a lot of debt and I said let’s spend 5 years clearing our debt and have a baby at 35.

It got to 2007, and I said let’s wait till the end of the year - would have still been in time for the 35 deadline (my sister in law kept saying my fertility would decline after that!).

Unfortunately in 2007 my precious Father In Law passed away, and we went with his body to Nigeria for the burial. The malaria tablets said not to get pregnant within 3 months of taking them, and that was a good excuse to put it off yet again.

I think I cleared my debts back in 2008, yet we still didn’t start trying till 2009. I had such a block about it due to real serious Tokophobia.

Anyway, it really was the right thing to do to clear my debt, before getting pregnant, as I only got full pay for 8 weeks plus holiday pay and then I was right down to Statutory Maternity Pay (which is not a lot).

What did you make sure you did before you had a baby?

Anyway now I am quite debt averse and nothing goes on a credit card, apart from my Amazon purchases.

But we *may* move house this year and if we do, I can see we that due to moving costs or home improvements I may end up getting a loan.

I will think long and hard about it, but definitely staying away from the credit cards.

What’s your view of debt?