Inner Truth Week 8

Welcome to week 8 of Inner Truth.

Inner Truth

The number 8 has no start and no end (try drawing it) and as such, it represents infinity, a bit like the length of time our inner journey takes.

Every day is a new dawn for me at the moment, and I am taking it one wee step at a time.

The last few years have been very strange for me.

Before getting pregnant I was very sociable.  Then thanks to trying to conceive, I got very sociable online too, mainly via Netmums.

Then my online journey took a different turn, and I blogged more and more, meaning my netmums account go neglected as did my Facebook account.

Blogging got me through the lonely part of maternity leave and the PND that went beyond mat leave (until a few weeks ago).

Unfortunately PND made me go within, so I go for months without meeting up with friends.  It made me quite reclusive, which you'd never guess from my online presence.  And how much of a chatterbox I am at online events.

But, then the last couple of months (since February) even online I have been reclusive, which has meant both online and offline communities were out of limits for me, and the only choice was to go within.

It has meant that my inner journey has accelerated during the last few weeks, which I think was "in the stars" to happen anyway, given the books I was reading a few weeks ago, and the amazing "healer" my Mum introduced me to.

Well I am glad I can now see the wood for the trees, and I am glad I am more focused.  I don't think I was even fully in my body before - I think I was just sleep-walking.

But I am back.  Even my voice is different.  I knew it when I listened back to my LBC podcast - I thought THAT is me.  I am back.

I don't wish PND on anyone, but I am so glad it is behind me.

Now I need to focus on my behind and getting to that size 12 I have promised myself by August.

Now for the linky and Monday blog hop.  Link up below.

I am gonna get this blog back on track with a lot of content, and resume the upbeat posts about Aaron that Claire misses.

Liska xxx

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Dressing a Baby Boy

Aaron’s always beautifully dressed and I pride myself in him looking good.  I actually enjoy dressing a baby boy.

This came as an ABSOLUTE surprise to me, given that until the 20 week scan I thought I was having a girl.

I never dreamed in a million years that I would enjoy dressing a boy, but I do, I really really do!  And I love coordinating him, and surprising myself with the combinations that I come up with when I mix and match.

I have become very fussy about brands and fabrics, and the usual mummy thing of wanting things to “wash well” and my favourite brand since Aaron was born has been NAME IT, and I have never seen their stuff here in the UK.

My relationship with them began, because one of Aaron’s newborn gifts was Name It clothes from my Auntie Angela who lives in Ireland.  Then as I loved the quality so much, each time I have been to Ireland I have grabbed some Name It bits, once in Claremorris and once in Castlebar (both in County Mayo).  Sadly I have never seen Name It stuff here but have never really looked.

Anyway I recently got some online clothes shopping for Aaron from Zalando and was delighted to find that they stock Name It.

I am always on the look out for gorgeous baby boy clothes and on the look out for bargains.  With that in mind, let me tell you that today is the last day of the Zalando SALE.

I wanted to include pictures of my Zalando purchases here, but now that Aaron is 22 months he moves SOOOOOO fast it is nearly impossible to take a picture, but I do have this one, and he is wearing a lovely Zalando Name It t-shirt:

Starting to look like a teenager and at only 22 months!!!

I used to blog about Aaron’s clothes A LOT, in 2010, and I’d like to get back to that.  Even my Silent Sundays were about his clothes (or packing them).

I like to think my Aaron is a stylish little boy...

His feet are now growing at the rate of knots so I am starting to browse more and more for shoes like here  and here. Very tempted by the sandals, but with the recent RAIN RAIN and more RAIN, what I really need at the moment are wellington boots as he is about to move up a class at nursery, and in the new class they have free reign to go outside whenever they want and wellies are compulsory.  Daddy has promised to buy them today.  If he fails to..... #DaddyFail...... hhhhhmmmmm..... I will get them here.  I am your typical new mum.  I shop more online since having a baby.

I hope we can find Thomas The Tank Engine wellies to match Aaron’s coat :-  He absolutely LOVES Thomas.... and now all of the recent MOVIES he has started to watch (as per my Twitter feed today) but more about THAT in the next post....

Bye for now, Liska xxx

Twitter and The Law

There's frequently talk about Twitter's effect on the big guy, like the ones last year who had super injunctions and gagging orders and the fact that thousands of tweeters could get away with what the press couldn't.
.... "exposed the total inadequacy of court rulings which gag the press – but have no effective control over what is published online" (source: Mail Online By Chris Greenwood

Where were you last year (2011) if you don't remember that tens of thousands of Twitter users defied a High Court ruling, to identify the footballer Ryan Giggs as the holder of a super-injunction. Read about the legal implications here.

So although those "tens of thousands" got away with it, a bit of a precedent has been made with the recent case of Twitter racism - Liam Stacey RE: footballer: Fabrice Muamba.  The law has clearly taken a stand, and Twitter is no longer above the law.

I wrote this post back, late March, shortly after the arrest happened:
"South Wales police have arrested a 21-year-old male from the Pontypridd area in connection with racially offensive comments made on the social network site Twitter. The male is currently being held in custody at Swansea Central police station."
Liam Stacey actually went on to be jailed for 56 days:
Swansea University student Liam Stacey, 21, from Pontypridd, admitted inciting racial hatred over remarks about the Bolton Wanderers player, who collapsed during a FA Cup tie at Tottenham.
A district judge in Swansea called the comments "vile and abhorrent".
Part of me says: hey, that's not right....

Why?... Because... most of what people say on Twitter is said in haste and there is so so much abuse on there, why pick on one Biology student?

- and I am saying that with a black husband and mixed race son - I am clearly not in favour of racism, but I am in favour of free speech.

But I am not in favour of free speech that oversteps the mark.... but therein lies the problem - who defines the "mark"?  Well, the law for one, and racism is, illegal, at least in this country, amongst others.

Only trouble is, other Tweeters are still rampantly engaged in it, (racism and abuse of all sorts) and this one chap has been singled out.... and made an example of.

That shouldn't bother me, given what he did, but I guess I also believe in fairness.

Everyone remembers that the flagrant disregard for the gagging orders didn't effect Twitter users, so before people get a criminal record, surely a new message needs to go out, that Twitter is no longer above the law.

I guess that is what's now happened?  With this guy as the sacrificial lamb?


A lot of what goes on in the news normally passes me by, or at least doesn't pray on my mind, but these recent stories have had me reading and re-reading, given what happened to me in the last few weeks [this post has been in draft for so long it is now more like a couple of months].

My negative Twitter experience was all to do with the aftermath of tweets exchanged on 22nd and 23rd February 2012, and the fact that I dared to write a balanced post about them, that included screenshots, which if you look at the online press, which I did later, is actually quite a commonplace thing to do.

Anyway I was subsequently pressured to take the post down, which I did.  Despite the fact that loads of people confirmed to me that it was indeed quite balanced, and the comments left on it proved that.  I took it down, but it remains in draft form.

A Saturday night (25th Feb) of me being called every name under the sun on Twitter (including unhinged) was the build up to the phone call and me taking the post down - with hindsight, what happened on Twitter that Saturday night was (or was bordering on) malicious comms.  Especially given that the post that sparked it all was NOT ABUSIVE, unlike the tweets it then resulted in....

Due to how the whole affair left me feeling, I went on to do my "Words Heard"You Tube video I thought it was then all okay.  I thought I had put it behind me, BUT when I wanted (on 14th March) to write a 100 words post, where the prompt was "and then I turned off" that was all it took, for it to be the 1st thing that popped into my mind.

Then again,
I thought,
THAT is it!
I have finally purged the last remaining thoughts, and now I really have put it behind me,
BUT then on 19th March, I came across this post.  It had been posted on 15th March but took 4 days for me to notice/stumble across it.  Quite a lot about that post bothered me.  The subject heading and the leading image for one.

Took me a few days to comment, as I wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do.  The author of the post had not engaged in the behaviour, on Twitter, that had bothered me, but there was a phone call, a phone call of a mediator tone, from the author of that blog, to me, hence my comment...

Getting my thoughts on that post, OUT, in a comment, again made me feel purged UNTIL I found out that my comment had been deleted.

Now that shocked me, given the numbers of people I often see say that they encourage debate and don't believe in the moderation of comments etc...

Now I did not want to write this post, which is why I didn't blog for TEN DAYS after I wrote it, and now it's been even longer.  But a funny thing happened.  Each night that I felt like blogging, it was like there was a queue in my head, and any other post (even 2 sponsored ones) couldn't be written until this one was out (in fact huge apologies to those companies as they still have not been.  As I didn't want to write this one, and my honest brain wouldn't let me write anything other than the truth of what was in my head to write, the only way to deal with it was to sit on  my proverbial hands.  So in the last few weeks I have mainly only written Inner Truth posts, largely just so that I could open the blog hop linky for anyone who wanted to participate.

So it was like blog or be damned, so I damned myself into silence.

Now, rightly or wrongly, I have decided that if I am still feeling like this after so long, then I need to publish my comment (that was deleted from that post) here.  Otherwise it makes a mockery of my freedom of speech stance.

I had a reminder last night at a Fanta event (which was amazing) that I am no longer blogging enough and that people miss me, so I decided to deal with my BLOGGING CONSTIPATION....

The comment (below) is my thoughts on the subject (of that call), and if it can't be published on the post, it will be published here, as is my right as a blogger. I don't want my comment to be hidden like some dirty secret.  I've already lost online friends because of the whole affair........ and no longer have the respect for blogging/bloggers that I once had.

Honesty seems to be cast out, as does free speech.  Unless you are saying what's allowed.  Allowed by who?

Sat nam!

Liska x
I don’t know if I am “right” in assuming that the phone call you speak of is the one that you had with me.

What you say, bears a striking resemblance to what I know was your interpretation of the call (judging by your email afterwards).

My need to be right (as you perceived it), was fuelled by several comments that you made, that were wrong. One was that you’d been on Twitter and hadn’t seen me being called names - I put you straight on that one, as I was called many things by the person in question AND her followers.  As you seemed doubtful of that, saying that you hadn’t seen them, I felt the need to say I had screen shots of them, which made you derisively say with a sneer: what so you can do another post?  To which I replied “no”, I have them in case they are deleted.

You went on to say that people are probably cooking or putting kids to bed and won’t be seeing the names I am being called, so I put you straight that my stats were indicating that people in very large numbers, were in fact seeing the name calling, linking it to me, and coming over to my blog as a result.

Another was that you said the other person had not tweeted a link to the post.  As this was probably the 4th inaccurate comment, in short succession, I nervously laughed at the irony and said “yes she did at 9:50 p.m.”.

You went as far as to say my post was bullying, when I tried to point out that what was taking place on Twitter (before and in the lead up to your call) was in fact bullying.

You then went on to say that you were disappointed in me.....

I am surprised that you refer to the call as a “chat” - I don’t consider an unwelcome intrusion to my Saturday night after bedtime a chat.  I am still rightly or wrongly assuming the call you refer to is with me.

Each time I was being right about something it was about a fact, not a grey area open to interpretation.

You also said I wouldn’t feel happy until I took the post down - you were also wrong about that.  I did it to keep the peace (despite you saying that neither party wanted to down weapons), but it wasn’t the right thing for me!

The whole scenario left a nasty taste in my mouth... and I was a little gutted to see reference to it here as I was hoping to put it behind me, as you advised I should do.

Despite this post being published on 15th March I only stumbled across it on 19th March, and I did have serious reservations about posting a comment, but decided that I would.
And there is no disputing the fact, that before being deleted, my comment WAS successfully published:

Edit, on 31st July 2012:
Given what is now happening on Twitter to Tom Daley, I was correct in my assertion that the right way to deal with it, is as malicious comms.  Read this.

Anyway, I have screen shots of everything that was said about me that night, so I have the required evidence should anyone ever doubt what took place.

Look at the outcry that occurs when a celebrity and much loved diver/athlete is upset.  It isn't so when it happens to a member of the public, but at least all these test cases will make people realise that Twitter is not a place to use and abuse people!

Liska x

Inner Truth - week 7


Inner Truth

You know what! I need to get behind the people who get behind me.

Sunday and Monday I was in no mood to do an Inner Truth post, so I didn't.

I don't think I even turned the laptop on those days.  Gone are the days when I turn my Apple on everyday.  I am no longer a Twitter or Blog addict.

BUT, I now discover that Michelle Twin Mum from Mummy From The Heart and Anthea from Forest Flower have done Inner Truth posts, and by neglecting to post the Monday Linky, I have neglected them.

So here I am to make up for it.  So my darlings.  I really enjoyed your posts.  Anthea because I myself had a similar wardrobe clearout in 2010, in readiness for Aaron's arrival, and so that I could buy the wardrobe of my dreams:

My 2010 wardrobe cleanse - assisted by my Mum - I was pregnant

And Michelle, I so know how you feel and I also think Just Do It, on many a day.  I still think you should give the Lemonade Diet (Master Cleanse) a go.  It completely got rid of my muffin top, and it has stayed off.  As I only did 9 days I am going to do it again sometime in the next few weeks.

I also know that feeling of over indulgence that you described so well.

My goal is to be a size 12 by August.  I was an 18 a few weeks ago and am a 16 now, even in tight Red Pepper jeans.

I now want to lose some more weight in the new few weeks for a trip to Ireland to see my Mum.

My Inner Truth journey is really coming along.  Stop the press: my post natal depression is GONE! I had a spiritual healing and it worked. It really really worked.  You only have to look at the difference in my home.  I can do loads of decluttering and housework now, and have got my mojo back.

I was on such a high the other night.  I wrote a post about hoodies and I spoke on the radio that night - on LBC, about debt/maternity leave and post natal depression.  The presenter was Duncan Barkes.

I also recently took on The Bath Store regarding what I believed were faulty taps and it was resolved to my satisfaction.   Twitter really helped!

There have been some big bumps on the way.  I have had 2 big rows with 2 big people in as many weeks.  2 significant males in my life (boss and husband), so life is not swimmingly sailing along, but things are definitely getting better.

Bye for now, my bed is calling me.

Liska xxx

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Will Employers Now Hire a Hoodie?


If you haven't heard already, where have you been?

I read about this in tonight's Evening Standard, and have heard a lot about it on LBC (radio) tonight.

To bring you up to speed, I will copy and paste a paragraph from the Evening Standard's article:
Today's 35,000 drop in the unemployment figure is welcome news, the first such fall since spring last year. Youth unemployment also showed a slight drop. Ministers will be particularly encouraged by the rise in private sector employment. Yet  there are still 2.65 million unemployed — the number of jobless Londoners rose — and the rate for 16-24-year-olds, more than 22 per cent, remains disturbingly high. That is behind the Government’s call today for employers to “hire a hoodie”. Employment minister Chris Grayling says that companies should give “surly” young men a chance.
I write this blog post as a H.R. Manager, and I can honestly say that to hire a hoodie I would first have to interview one.  In order for me to do so, they need to apply.  If they apply, they need to have a strong enough CV to get through the screening process.

When I am recruiting, my back is normally against the wall in terms of the deadline for appointment, and I don't have time to search for a hoodie.

So I would emplore Chris Grayling to direct his focus elsewhere, i.e. to training schemes, and to youth centres (most of which have closed down).  Young people need relevant role models and a sense of community.

Many things in ONE generation have eroded that sense of community.

I give a simple list off the top of my head, without even doing any research, no Googling.... this is not a thesis and I don't have a Phd.
  1. Religion has lost its grip on society, hence the empty/emptier churches.  Given that religion is the opium of the people, or at the very least provides a sense of rules/value/discipline/community/enlightenment, its erosion is having an effect on society.
  2. Our parent's generation saw most mothers staying at home.  This meant that there wasn't the generation of latch-key kids we have now.
  3. Where both parents DID work, relatives lived nearby, so kids were looked after by FAMILY after school.  Even when I was little, my Mum WAS a SAHM, but upon divorce from my Father, I spent a lot of time at my Aunt's.  She lived near my school, and provided the rule book between 3:30 and 6:30 p.m. that my Mum couldn't due to work commitments, being a single parent family.  We now live in a disparate society, where it is not the norm for family to live nearby.
  4. Salaries have NOT kept up with the cost of living.  For ONE generation compare the growth in house prices, to the growth in salaries.  This has seen us get poorer.  Just ask yourself.... your Dad could pay the mortgage by himself right? Can a lot of Dads do that now, no!
  5. Thanks to Maggie Thatcher, God rest her soul, we have become chasers of property and are trapped in a mortgage payment cycle.  Look up the definition of MORT-GAGE... It aint pretty.
  6. Given that a great deal of us Londoners travel to work, we are absent from our communities during the day and during the week.  Quite often we don't even connect with our communities at the weekend.  I focus on London (i) because it is relevant to me and (ii) because the Standard article was weighted towards London, where youth unemployment is high.  This results in a "while the cat's away, the mice will play" sensation.  I know this for a fact, as I remember how VERY different it was when I was a child in the 1970s.  Where a larger amount of women were at home, they would NOTICE if a child was up to no good.  As they quite often knew the mother of the child they would tell them.  This lead to me being told off for running in front of a car, which wouldn't happen today.  I also know how different it is when you DO connect with your community but it took me getting to the age of 37, and being on maternity leave to connect with my community.  It has had lasting effects, even though Aaron is now nearly 2 years old.  I get my hair cut locally.  My corner shop and newsagent know me by name.  I buy my takeaways locally.  I go to church every Sunday.  I know my local cafe owner.  All of them would recognise Aaron if they saw him in the street, and all of them would notice if I disappeared.  I now have a network, and a "community" and I didn't have to join a "gang" or wear a hoodie to get it.  I just had to engage with the streets/shops around me.
  7. Politicians are now Career Politicians who come out of Eton, and Oxbridge knowing that they want to be a politician.  Once upon a time, they would have had a career in industry first and once they were a politician, they would have some life skills.  If that was still the case, they wouldn't make ridiculous comments about VAT on Greggs' pasties or storing petrol in the garage (Francis Maude urged motorists to stockpile petrol in containers - "a bit of extra fuel in a jerry can in the garage is a sensible precaution to take," 
  8. The disappearance of the High Street, thanks to out of town multiples - the DIY "sheds" and the out of town Supermarkets....... more like Hypermarkets, given the size of them today.  So gone is the day, when we knew the butcher, the baker, and the candle-stick maker.  THAT in itself lead to a huge loss of community.  Yes, we may be friendly with our local Sainsburys staff (who are lovely), but it is not the same, as popping into your local greengrocer, and watching them swing your bag of spuds around and around in a brown paper bag.  Even I remember that as if it was yesterday.
  9. In line with this, the obsession with branded sporting goods, including the hoodies themselves.  I blame Mike Ashley single-handedly for that. He is the hoodie creator extraordinaire.....!
  10. We used to have our fizzy pop delivered..... a lovely truck would pull up with Ice Cream Soda and Cherryade and all the kids would go running to give them the empties.  Similarly, milk was delivered and you benefited from handing back your empties.  Just think about it, they BOTH came in glass bottles and were recycled, even though back then I did not even KNOW the recycle word.  Yet ironically I hear that word every hour of every day, and now we wrap everything including milk, and fruit/veg in plastic fantastic.  Gone are the days when our veg was wrapped in a simple brown bag which WOULD biodegrade in the soil.  Now we talk about recycling but we don't do it.  Can you imagine what would happen to GLASS if it was left on every doorstep in today's day and age?? I dread to think!
  11. And that brings me on to my next point.  We have become a nation of talkers.  We used to be a nation of doers.  What happens? We stop being an Industrialist nation, and because it is all about the service industry we decide to stop offering service?  Customer service has gone down... in shops, and from US to the youth.  So yes, we talk about recycling but don't and we go on and on and on about service, but rudeness in stores is at an all time high.
  12. Hey, politicians, get in touch with society and stop running the government with sound-bites.  and on the subject of biting, you have bitten off far more than you can chew.
I never intended this post to be so long, but I had a lot to get off my chest.

I grew up in Tottenham, where the London riots started, so I do feel slightly within my rights to write this post.  I am not some media/journalist/politician/Sociologist just waxing lyrical for the sake of it.

I feel close to hoodies.  I walk alongside them everyday.  But you know what!?!? You don't win the lottery unless you buy a ticket, and you don't have me hiring a hoodie, until I find one who (1) is applying and (2) has a good CV, and (3) meets the requirements of the role.

Bye for now,
Liska x 

Inner Truth Week 6


This is a weekly Monday blog hop linky for anyone on an inner journey.

Simply write a relevant post and link up below.

I normally upload it on Sunday night but my heart wasn't in it as the last few days I have had major plumbing issues

Considering I was off work for the week, as Aaron's nursery was closed for Easter, I thought I would be on top of everything, but as the leak has been so bad (i.e. not just a drip, and coming from hot and cold tap), I have had to have the stopcock off (the mains) most of the time, which has meant I have only done 1 load of laundry.  While the machine is running I can hear the water running down the plughole in the bathroom and I just can't justify the waste of water, on a normal day, but even more so with the water shortage in the South.  And the machine only uses the water a few times in the cycle but I have to have the water on throughout.

It means I have to run up and down the stairs each time I want to put water on/off.


Anyway the plumber that Crosswater organised after I spoke to the Head of Customer Services from the Bath Store, has now been and gone... this morning

He was  a lovely chap and replaced hot and cold taps...

First thing I did was turn on the heating, then....
.... give Aaron a bath.  Then
..... put on kettle for a cafetiere of coffee, and then
...... put the first of several laundry washes on.
 And now I am catching up on the dirty dishes.....

It was chilly this morning, so it is nice to have heating on for an hour.

I never knew I could appreciate water so so so much - sometimes it's the things we take for granted that are most important.

With regards to weight loss, I have kept off what I lost when I did the Lemonade Diet (The Master Cleanse) but will be doing it again in the coming weeks as I only did it for 9 days and I want to be size 12 before August.

I am decluttering  a lot in the home and feel way way better.  I had the PND dealt with by a spiritually healing and fingers crossed it seems to have worked.

I am still reading lots of books on my Kindle which seems to be my solace if that's the right word.  It is what gives me my "me time"...

So, how are you?

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Liska xx

Crosswater or Simply CROSS about my water - Bensham Bath Shower Mixer Chrome taps


Today, errrrm didn't go according to plan. Thanks to bensham bath shower mixer chrome taps

I had made a beautiful arrangement to meet my friend to go swimming, me and her, Aaron and her baby.........

I was meant to spend the afternoon in swimming pool water and instead I spent it in proverbial hot water with "Crosswater!"

I had a shower and game over!

The bath mixer taps would not switch off.  Gushing water.

As it was hot, we turned the boiler off, so as to save energy and then as it continued to gush...
....husband sprung it on me ....
.....that he had called a plumber

.........and that as he was off to work,
.......... I would have to wait in, and deal with the plumber.

Despite me already having my swimming cossie on, under my clothes, that was it - swimming cancelled until further notice!

So hubby had booked a Dynarod plumber from British Gas who was SUPERB!

While we were waiting for him to make his way here from a job in "N18"
I called Bathstore, the retailer of said taps, and was told to call Crosswater.  Oh what an apt name considering how CROSS they made me.

"She" (Michelle) said she had a plumber called Lee who would not be able to get out to me today,
so she gave me permission to allow the one we'd booked, to go ahead and come out.

Right considering I had explained my boiler was off, as was the water, via the stopcock, and me with a 21 month old baby.

She said "call me back", once the plumber has made his diagnosis.

I trusted she meant that, not knowing she would 100% ignore his diagnosis.

The taps in question are these:
bensham bath shower mixer chrome taps
Despite me having a similar problem with them 4 times in 4 years, it took me till today to find out what the problem is.  They are PILLAR taps, and apparently once you tighten them, you run out of thread, which is when the tap "pops" and basically then turns round and round and round.

This evening I turned off my kitchen taps, to take great delight in the fact that when you turn more, they get tighter.  You cannot over turn them, as they just get tighter to the point where they do NOT turn any more.  As taps should do!

This (bath taps pictured above) is not a tap you can tighten.  Yet they have the audacity to say that the problem is due to "over turning".  Ermmmmmmmmmmm I think when something runs out of thread (as the plumber demonstrated to me today) it is a design fault, rather than a user issue.  I want to think of a clever analogy to demonstrate how ludicrous this accusation is, but I am too angry to think.

Yes it is my fault that I overturned it, but it is YOUR FAULT that I am able to.  I still can't think of an analogy.

Despite the plumber today making his diagnosis she wants to send an engineer out, who will then authorise a free spare part (like a cartridge) despite us knowing the problem will reoccur.  I said to her that after the stress of today, I don't have time to go down a road, where I know the outcome is not positive.  To me, that is madness..... you only replace something, if it needs replacing or has been subject to wear and tear, but what we are talking about here is a product that does not do, what it is designed to do (or in this case, the very design IS the problem).

The product is simply NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE - THE END!

Both the Bathstore AND Crosswater have told me that only 1 other customer had this problem and it was due to over turning.  When I saw what I saw of the inside of the tap today, I find that insutling.  Anyway it only takes 5 minutes on Google to ascertain that other people have indeed experienced the same problem:

here and
and here

Beauty of the internet is that companies can no longer fob us off and pretend there is not a problem with a product when there clearly is.

I want a new bath shower mixer (whole unit) preferably NOT Bensham and I want them installed free of charge.  

I was a DIY Manager in Sainsbury's Homebase for 2.5 years (a long time ago) and I know that it is the LEAST they can do!

The plumber today said that installing them would only cost £78.  We are not talking the earth here.  And every bath and shower time is stressful, as you always know, this could be the time the tap POPS when I turn it off.

It is not nice when I spent £4,900 on this bathroom in 2008.

Anyway I await a satisfactory outcome and will not be wasting my time dealing (1) with an engineer then further (2) the installation of a spare part to then (3) find myself back where I started.  No! Sorry! My time and my life is worth a little more than that.

And turning the boiler and the water off today AND missing swimming stressed me out enough ALREADY!

Crosswater you have indeed made me CROSS about WATER - at least you do what your name suggests!

Michelle from Crosswater said I should send her photos.  (1) she never said this when she spoke to me BEFORE the plumber arrived and (2) they wouldn't demonstrate anything other than what the taps look like.  I said if you want to see the internal aspects of the taps then surely you can get that internally (forgive the pun) but little did I realise till now, that the info is also freely available on the internet.

Any photo I send would show her the same as what she could establish by looking at THIS PDF!

For goodnes sake. I spoke to her for so long and we went round in circles with her just spouting customer service gobble de gook!


Inner Truth Week 5

I'm still not really in the mood to blog, but I thought I had better upload the Inner Truth Monday Blog Hop Linky. (Link up below)

Well this past week I have been eating when and what I fancy and yes I have had my share of the World's Easter Eggs.

But I am still benefiting from the Lemonade Diet (Master Cleanse) in that my portion sizes have stayed a nice healthy size and I haven't allowed myself to overeat.

As a result, my size 16 (yep not 18) jeans are easily slipping on.  That's significant for two reasons.  One, because just before I started the diet they had stopped fitting, and when they did I would have to lie down to zip them up AND there would be a huge muffin top that would mean I couldn't see the waist band of the jeans.

Now, I zip them up with ease, and there is absolutely NO muffin top, and I can see the waist band and my belly button with ease.  I have a much smaller Mum Tum now, but still have the stubborn c-section shelf.

Anyway as I only did 9 days on the diet instead of the recommended 10, 20 or 40 days, I will be doing it again.  After all my ultimate goal is to be a size 12 by the summer - there I have said it! And I am going to a wedding on 10th August and would like to be a 12 by then - I think it is realistic and I will do it.

Back to the non-weight loss world.  I have been reading LOTS on my Kindle and have got through some super super books.

I have been working hard at work, even going in on Thursday when I was meant to be off.  As Aaron's nursery was closed for a training day on Thursday, THAT was interesting.  Gosh, he climbed on and off swivel chairs, played with staplers, scissors, etc.... I could only really concentrate when he had his nap.  But I had to pop in as I had so much to do.

I bought a 12 pack of Krispy Cremes while there and I must have eaten at least 5 of them.

I am lucky, with what I have eaten lately, that the size 16 jeans still fit to be honest.

I still don't have a sponsor for Cybher so it looks like I may only go to Britmums Live.

So I guess it is over to all of you now.  What have you been up to?

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Liska x



Inner Truth

Apologies there was no Inner Truth post last week, but I kind of went off blogging in the last couple of weeks, for reasons that will become clear in a post that I will hopefully write tonight.

I have done a lot of soul searching in the last few weeks and have had it confirmed that I do have post natal depression. 

Anyway, back to the Lemonade Diet (the Master Cleanse) - you have to do it for 10, 20 or 40 days, and I ended up doing 9 days.  I learned a lot about myself during that time, and lost a lot of weight.  I learned what the triggers are for me wanting to eat and it was revealing.

Also, since I came off it I have been craving healthy food and now even ages later my portion sizes are smaller, as my stomach shrunk and I am NOT going to expand it back as our portion sizes in the West are far too large anyway.

I will be doing the lemonade diet again some time in the not too distant future.

In the last couple of days I picked back up a book on my kindle that was bringing up "blocks" a few weeks ago.  It is called

How to Do Everything and Be Happy - Your Easy Peasy Guide to Creating Happiness (it's £1.99 on kindle)

After a few weeks of soul searching, I can actually now write "3 wishes" and even think about breaking them down into goals, which I could not do a few weeks ago.  I reached the same blocks when trying to read the excellent book:

The Mummy Whisperer's Six Steps To A Sparkling You And Enjoying Being A Mum (89p on kindle)

So, I am moving forward in my Inner Truth journey and EVEN thinking about picking up yoga again.  I taught for 6 years, up to being nearly 38 weeks pregnant and haven't struck a pose since Aaron was born.  Struck a couple yesterday though, but need to do an actual kriya.

Aaron's nursery is closing on Wednesday evening so I have Thursday off and the whole of the following week.  It is my first time experiencing school holidays, as Aaron only started in September and nursery doesn't have half terms.  I had hoped to go to Ireland but maybe I will just stay here and go inwards instead.

The good thing about my Inner Truth journey is that I am getting to know my strengths as well as my weaknesses.  I am actually starting to hear myself say "I am good at that" and "I could do that for you".

I hope you will link up and let me know how you are doing.

If  you would like to grab the badge it is in a separate "tab" (page) on the blog.

Liska xxx

Here's the linky for this Monday Blog Hop:

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