My Style Makeover with TK Maxx at Brit Mums Live

I had the benefit of a style makeover at Brit Mums Live yesterday and you can see here, in my You Tube video, how she modernised my outfit with just a couple of changes.

The history of this outfit is that I spent the day shopping in Westfield Stratford on Monday18th June, especially for Brit Mums Live.

The top I am wearing below, I fell in love with, in Next, even though I KNEW that it is NOT the best neckline for me.

Then when I was shopping Thursday 21st after work, at Marks & Spencers, I went down the road of "matching" the colour pallette which apparently is really 80s! Got that from my Mum.

Hence I bought the trousers which although matching in colours, I thought were funky -
they are, but, just too samey samey in the colours.... anyhow, this is the trousers I am wearing:

Anyhow, look at how she transforms me:

The photographs are not easy to look at in the above so I also include them below:

How I was dressed - yes! Quite Mumsie!

TK Maxx quite like to clash, but it was too much for me!

THIS however, I could handle - the years have been taken off!

The culprit for my makeover

The speaker in the video (after my makeover it continues into a "talk" so stay tuned!)