Shadowhouse Creations Tint and Mask Generator Kit

Shadowhouse Creations Tint and Mask Generator Kit contains twenty
 retro color tints and twelve layer masks.

All tints and masks are a separate PSD layer, and you can apply however
many layers you want, just toggle or untoggle the individual tints or masks
you want.  You can get countless effects by selecting whatever layers and
adjusting the opacity and or layer modes for some cool results.

** Just for safe keeping, I would suggest making a duplicate of the folder
so you'll always have a safe backup copy.**

 The Tint and Mask generator is but a folder that houses a lot of PSD layers,
which can be used in all versions of Photoshop and Elements.
The folder doesn't actually generate anything "maybe a poor choice of word
on my part" but it does give one the ability to countless possibilities by
applying different levels of opacity and layer modes.

Hopefully this kit can be of some use, definately will keep you busy.