I have set a new standard for my blog

I know we all say we don't care about stats, but I go through phases where I DO and phases where I DO NOT at all!

I am currently going through a "I care" phase!

Probably because I am off work at the moment.

Right now, I want 600 + page views a day, and bar yesterday am getting them.

It is amazing with goal setting how once you set your mind on something you DO achieve it.

The things we don't achieve are the things that we are not really giving our full focus OR, like with what I am reading in the Artists Way, we have a mental block about that thing, so are finding ways to fail.  We are quite often scared of our own success and have lots of mental blocks and negative self beliefs.

I have read a chunk of the book and can really relate, especially with what the book calls "crazy makers".

Anyway I got back from Ireland on 16th July, and made a decision that I would aim for 600+ page views a day (just a target, just for fun, to see if I could do it).

18th July I achieved 900
19th 586 (should have pimped more on Twitter ;-) )
20th 870
21st 710
22nd 619
23rd 492 (had a day in the sun at Alexandra Palace, so blog took a knock ;-) )

In the graph below, the only reason the stats are high on the left is because of posts after Brit Mums Live.

The dip in the centre is due to my 10 days in Ireland.  That's why so many bloggers have guest posts running while they are on holiday, as a break does impact the blog.

An insight in today's stats is below.  That big spoke of 93 views at "now" is because I just won £50 of Morrisons vouchers as part of the #SaversSummer twitter party - yyyyeaaaaahhh!

And the interest in me and my blog caried on for the next hour, due to my winning of £50 of Morrisons vouchers in the #SaversSummer twitter party

So, do you sometimes obsess about your stats?

The novelty will need to wear off at some point as I need to start looking for a job - doh!

Liska xxx
New Mum Online