Learning to Join Words to Make Sentences

I have got used to the fact that Aaron speaks; after all it's been a year now, but NOW he is making sentences and it is just THE cutest thing EVER.

A couple of days after being in Ireland he spoke to his Dad on the phone and said "plane high up clouds" about his journey here.  This was Tuesday and we'd travelled Saturday so it also proved to me that he has a good memory.

Then the other day in the soft play area he wanted the coin operated car to move and walked all the way over from it to me, with my cousin and said "Mummy money car please".

Of course I was so proud, me and my money ran straight to the car.

Now in the last couple of days the words just keep coming oh and of course we have the fact that in Ireland he has started SINGING (with melody!) - see my last post with You Tube video.  He clearly learned songs at Nursery but until now I hadn't realised and he had not sung at home.  Since we discovered it, he now sings more and more words of the songs (Twinkle Twinkle and Ba Ba Black Sheep) as we are encouraging him loads! (Me and my Mum).

Ireland has been one big eye opener, and it is wonderful for Aaron as he is getting so much outdoor time. Like today, he was on a tractor!

My City Boy turned Country Boy!