Assorted Mask Overlays August 2012

Assorted Mask Overlays August 2012 contains 10 unique and different Masks which
can be applied using an image editor with the ability of using layers and opacity levels
to achieve individual looks.

                                                          Before Image

                                                          After Image

 The sample above was acheived using two different masks, here's what I did to achieve
  the finished look.

1. Opened the Scarlett Johansson "Girl With a Pearl Earring" image,
    which becomes the background layer.

2. Opened the MO8-2012-5 Layer Mask, and set the layer mode to Screen
    and left the opacity at 100%.

3. Opened the MO8-2012-3 Layer Mask and set the layer mode to Soft Light
    and left the Opacity at 100%.

4. Not quite to my liking, so I make a duplicate of the background layer
    and set layer mode to Lighter Color and the Opacity at 85%.

5. Done, I feel satisfied with the outcome so flatten and save.