Broke the 1,000 page views a day barrier!

At 8.29 p.m. last night I tweeted to say I only had 14 page views left to hit 1,000 for the first time ever (page views in one day).

I don't know what is normal for a British mummy blogger but I am happy.

Anyway I was amazed this morning to see it went to 1,410 last night (as below)...

So this is what it's saying right now:

And this shows my month of July.  1,000 used to be my top number on the vertical axis but now my charts have adapted.

The above shows the posts that are driving it - they are figures for the month (not for the day).

I am chuffed.  They were all subjects I was driven and passionate to write about.

I guess being the top search result is driving some of the traffic my way:


Looks like I have already done it two days in a row if stats right now are anything to go by (at 14:16 06th August 2012):

I don't know where it counts a "month" from as that appears to have changed too, so it is clearly not simply the calendar month of July...

Liska xx