Help, looking for a sign!

Dear friends, once again I apologize for my absence, but there's been a lot going on
in my so called life as of late.  I think this photo and title says it all, it seems health
issues has sucked the life and creativity out of me after a trip to the doctor and a
torturous medieval butt "pun intended" necessary procedure (colonoscopy)

To get my mind off of things and to try to relax I've been setting on my ass watching
the Olympics "Go America" and now I feel like my creative process is slowly returning
and I thought the other day its about time to get something together and post, then I
got an email from 4shared my web storage provider saying my yearly subscription is
about due for renewal, so I go to 4 shared to check it out and proceed to pay for another
yearly subscription, surprise, I can't find a direct link to 4shared to renew, so I send
them an email explaining my situation, and they respond go to my dashboard and click
the upgrade and yadda yadda ya, "duh' no shit" like that's what I didn't already do, so now
I have to send another email and wait another day for an answer.
It seems the answer was, try again, after a handful of squiggly words I return to try again,
it seems to send me to a page with a long list of resellers to pay for another years subscription
and they're all overseas, I thinking this is not good and back off.
Guess what, another email explaining I'm not comfortable paying some middle man
for a service you provide and I'm willing to pay for, so after another days wait I get an
email saying and I quote "Unfortunately, due to a temporary problem, at the moment the only
way to purchase 4shared Premium is via Resellers. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

I'm so mad now I could bite the head off a chicken about now, so much for the relaxation.
After cooling off I send yet another email saying I've be a good customer and I'm happy
with the service you have provided until now, and I only have a few weeks before my
subscription runs out and I have hundreds of direct links and files stored on your servers
and I don't want or feel I should have to look for another storage provider when all I want is
to pay YOU directly for another years subscription, I'd appreciate your answer ASAP.
Well, I'm still awaiting their response ................ this is to damn weird.

I can't imagine the time it will take to upload all of my posted files and then go through
all of my Blogger posts and change all of the download links, were talking around 700 +

** I'm asking if you know of a easy solution I'm all ears.
If anyone knows of a reputable web storage provider that offers direct linking "which
is only a paid subscription" ability that I've encountered, which I'm willing to pay for
but I would like a reputable honest easy and reasonably priced provider if possible.**

After all this I'm working on something to post and hopefully I'll have it up this weekend,
not sure where I'll host it, but I hope to post.

BTW .... I checked out Dropbox and damn they're expensive plus I've read some complaints
about their service, next I'll check out Mediafire, anyone know about their service and