Wedding By Public Transport

We went to a wedding on public transport yesterday.  A big Indian wedding 2 hours journey from our home.

Aaron loved being on the Tube (London Underground) and it is TRUE what they are saying on the news - it IS EMPTY - as everyone THOUGHT that the Olympics would be chaos for London Transport, everyone stayed away and as an ironic result, it's deadski!

Anyway, these photos of Aaron are fun (everyone on our carriage - errr 3 people - fell in love with him):

British Airways Olympics volunteer in this photo gave Aaron a sticker and a flag :-)
And I will TRY and find a nice one of the 2 of us:
Shame the bottle got in the way :-)

He spent first half of the wedding looking like this:

The wedding groom was my husband's best friend from school.  I also went to the same school (that's where me and hubby met as we have been together for 24 years).

Anyway this is the groom dancing BHANGRA for his new parents :-)

Liska xxx