My Cesarean Scar

My scar hurts
My scar sometimes itches
My scar gives me a pouch
My scar means I won't wear a bikini
My scar is unsightly
My scar is a constant reminder
My scar annoys me
My scar marks the exit route of my son
My scar is my Mum "stripe"
My scar means Aaron chose exit route 2 when exit route 1 wasn't an option
My scar means we both got through it
My scar means I had access to medical help
My scar means I was brave
My scar was the beginning of my recovery
My scar is part of who I now am

































Why I'd Love To Wear A Turban Every Day

I know not everyone agrees, but I do believe we are meant to cover our hair.  And lots of cultures, religions, and traditions throughout the world reflect the same core practice and belief.

It was perhaps only one generation ago, when it was commonplace that even people in Britain wore a hat.

But like most traditions, customs and practices, they are slowly being eradicated, forgotten, outgrown, and sometimes simply disrespected or as is often the case misunderstood.

I am at my happiest when I am wearing a turban if truth be told.

This is me, a few years ago. I hope to get back there!  I'd go back to it straight away but I need to practice what I preach, and find my inner peace.  Ultimately I need to reestablish a daily yoga routine.  I need to deal with my inner daemons and time is running out!  I'll have reached a certain level of success once I have done so!

I recently read a post about Islam, where the author does not believe in covering her hair.  Reading that post reminded me that I need to write this one.  It has been on my mind for a while.  When I wrote the blog post about Kate Middleton, it was on my mind.  You may have noticed that I stated that the only reason I picked up the magazine was because of how stunning she looked on the front cover with her hair covered.  Hair does not equate to beauty.  In fact Deepa, is a stunning Muslim friend of mine, and I have never ever seen her hair.  Her inner beauty radiates from her eyes and her smile!

Please do not assume that men ask ladies to cover up.  This is a grossly inaccurate misconception in the West.

There are many reasons to cover the head and some of them are "technology," in so far as the cranial-sacral benefits that I have personally experienced time and time again.  You can read about it in brief here. There is information from a Sikh perspective here.  This video shows Britain's captivation with turbans from back in 1942.

But, turbans aside, as long as I can remember, be it at work, Uni or school, I could not at all concentrate if my hair was down - I'm still like that now.  And when I get home I usually put one of those towel turbans on my head (£1 or £2 in Primark) as I can't abide my fringe in my way either.  And that's a whole other story.  Our foreheads actually need to be exposed to light. The forehead bone is porous and functions to transmit light to the pineal gland of the brain.

This is what The Alchemy Centre in Camden says about turban wearing, and is also copied and pasted below:

Question: What is the reason for the turban my teacher may wear?

The hair regulates the inflow of sun energy into the body system. To let the solar energy flow without obstruction, let the hair grow to its full natural length , and take good care of it. If this is done, the amount of energy that goes downward from the 7th chakra increases tremendously. The kundalini energy is activated by the radiant force of the solar plexus and moves upward in response to the solar energy coming down. This balances the body energy and maintains total equilibrium. If the hair is unkept, down, or uncovered so that it is electrically imbalanced, this natural process of raising the kundalini energy will be impeded. Actually the hair is so important that the word for consciousness, kundalini, actually derives from kundal which means “a coil of the beloved’s hair”. The hair is best kept uncut and tied on top of the head in a rishi knot at the solar centres, to concentrate the solar energy at the pineal gland. It encourages the raising of the kundalini.
Wearing a head covering enables you to command your sixth center, the Ajna Chakra. Covering the head stabilizes the cerebral matter and the 26 parts of the brain, which are interlocked with the neurological system and electromagnetic field. Covering the head creates a focus of the functional circuit of the hemispheres of the brain, and tunes the neurological system. The whole head is to be covered, not just the crown chakra. The benefit of wearing a turban is that when you wrap the 5 to 7 layers of cloth, you cover the temples, which prevents any variance or movement in the different parts of the skull. A turban automatically gives you a cranial self-adjustment. You can pay for a cranial adjustment, or you can tie a turban for free!
Just type in "girl in turban" in Google images and you will see the many and varied ways we choose to cover our hair! We've done so for thousands of years!  After all GHDs are a recent invention!

I practiced Kundalini Yoga and taught it, right up to 37-38 weeks pregnant.  I even did White Tantra when pregnant as shown by this photo:

I know it benefited Aaron greatly, while he resided in my tummy, and only hope that I manage somehow to pick it back up again after such a long absence.

I wanted this post to be a thorough take on the subject of head covering and turban tying but the day beckons, I have a two year old, and I have been on this computer for too long.

And a thought I want to leave you with.  Please do not disrespect other cultures, countries and religions for covering their heads, when we Christians also used to too!  As this great summary shows, we have simply forgotten!

Liska x

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Caine's Cardboard Challenge - UK - 6th October

This is a brief post, just to ask that you hop to this Brit Mum's post, and get crafty this time next week with some cardboard all for Caine's Cardboard Challenge, but the money you raise can be for a local charity as I have outlined in the Brit Mum's post...

Bye for now
Liska x

NEWs Mum Online

When I was on maternity leave I lost touch with the news!

Being a Londoner, who worked in the "City" I went from having access to all the free papers to and from work, to not really knowing what was going on.

Well something similar is in danger of happening now, given that I am not working, so today I bought my paper of choice: "i" - the small paper by The Independent and thought I would compile my favourite highlights of the "news" for you.  I am afraid they will be my personal highlights and are not guaranteed to be high brow ;-)

So here goes, with my first ever "NEWs" Mum Online posts - I hope this is the first of many!

First bit of news comes with a high does of irony which I hope the "i" can shed some light on.  Here's what does not make sense.  On page 3, they state that "i" will be available for sales in 600 Starbucks from Monday 1st October, in what they call "an exciting new link-up which sees this paper available from Monday to Friday and our excellent sister title The Independent on Sunday on sale on Sundays".  Well what I find strange, is they then go on to, in my opinion, slate Starbucks on pages 36 and 37 where they clearly show that if you buy a Starbucks take on the world famous (George Clooney endorsed) nespresso, you will be paying 50p a cup (as the pods are £5.99 for 12 cups) versus CafeDirect Fairtrade ground coffee which is 8p a cup (£3.49 for 300g).  Even if you are a speed reader and don't read the two page article this is startlingly obvious from the graphics they have so cleverly put together on page 37.  If I was Starbucks I wouldn't be happy, but then maybe it is great that their association didn't stop them printing the truth; I kinda like that!

Secondly, I better quickly cover the front page news.  Lord Chief Justice is now defending the home owner's right to fight back against burglars, and doesn't think someone being burgled is able to think rationally by only using reasonable force.

On page 5 the Father of teacher Jeremy who ran away with Megan Stammers pleads with him to come home; this is already old news as they have now been found in France, and apparently he is in Police custody which I find incredible, given that the world and his wife said that they wouldn't have stayed in France and would be somewhere in the "continent".  What do you think of the whole episode?  I constantly listen to LBC 97.3 and the callers have been really mixed from some thinking it is a "romance' to others saying he is outrageous and should never teach again.  They even had a caller who said he is still married to his "student" after getting her pregnant 47 years ago.  This is a controversial blog post on the subject which I stumbled across due to Mumsnet tweeting it out.

On page 7, there is news of JK Rowling who has just released her first adult book "The Casual Vacancy".  Personally I can't wait to buy/read it, but haven't yet.   The infamous writer took to the stage at London's Queen Elizabeth Hall in front of a sell-out crowd of 900 - tickets sold out in 48 few hours!  She announced to all that she is obsessed with death, which is why this is how the book starts.  Writing the book helped her deal with her "death" issues. The "i" prints 3 reviews of the book and only 1 of them gives it a thumbs up with both The New York Times and The Daily Mail criticising it.

Forgive me for not saying much about this, but it turns my stomach - apparently child abuse is rife throughout Britain, across all demographics etc... and has been hushed up for various reasons for years, including by Social Workers and people with high standing in the "community".  There has been a 2 year inquiry by the Children's Commissioner that will be published in November.

On Page 11, Labour figures are warning the rest of their party to take Boris seriously! Good God how can you! I certainly don't.  The day he becomes PM is the day I leave the country. #VoteKen was my motto! and I am not even red!  Even in Brazil David Cameron could not escape questions about Boris as they believe he has the greater popularity for standing at the next election.  Cameron's response :-) "Boris still has much work to do as Mayor - and so do I as Prime Minister!"

Page 15 is devoted to the crisis that is overtaking Greece and Spain as they rebel against austerity measures.  No mention of my beautiful Ireland, but then they are not rebellious enough over there, but I know nobody is happy right now with the state of the Emerald Isle!

My favourite page of the paper - page 16 - @amolrajan talks about taxing wealth and not work.  He makes some pretty valid points and makes Nick Clegg's "mansion tax" look ill thought out in the extreme - by comparison!  He quotes Hamish McRae as stating "Wealth taxes"..."would raise awkward questions and not generate much".  That couldn't be further from the truth (the latter obviously) with the former showing how much policy is dictated to by how it'll "go down" with the people who "pull the strings" rule the country from behind the scenes, the ones unelected, the influencial stakeholders.

It was lovely to read about a food blogger (Mikael Jonsson who published food reviews on on page 19 who has just opened his own restaurant and has been awarded a coveted Michelin star (barely a year after opening)!

There is now a "whooping cough" jab for pregnant women.  Apparently 10 babies have died in the biggest outbreak of whooping cough in TWO DECADES.  I can't really comment here, as I was also offered a vaccination when pregnant in 2010: the one for swine flu and I refused it and was personally comfortable with that decision.

This next story I found very interesting.  A new Mona Lisa painting has been found, which it is claimed pre-dates the one we know and love by 11-12 years.  What I find hilarious is that the article states that specialists remain sceptical as the "Isleworth Mona Lisa mis-translates subtle details of the original. including the sitter's veil, her hair, the translucent layer of her dress, the structure of her hands".... hey am I missing something here?  I got an A in art, and used to paint a lot and I can honestly say there would be similar differences in my paintings if they were 11-12 years apart.  What on earth are they trying to say? Maybe I am confused.  Enlighten me in the comments please!

Given that I have travelled on the train for all of my adult life I am outraged by this next bit of "news".  "In the last year train operators received £172m from Network Rail for delays, but figures from eight of the private rail franchisees showed they only passed on £10m to passengers!"  Now I know I helped add to that figures as I sometimes had OUTRAGEOUS delays and yet never got round to completing the claim form, even when they told me it could be done online.  Even a few times when I got to work at 10 instead of 8 I would shout to the world: THIS time I will claim, and being a workaholic I still never got round to it.

Again a story that turns my stomach.  A Mum with 2 living children, had FIVE pregnancies that she allowed to go to full-term, killing them shortly after birth.  She claims this was to maintain their standard of living as her husband did not want any more children.  I literally cannot believe what I am reading here.  The husband has stated he was unaware of the pregnancies but how on earth did she conceal them from him!?!?!?!?!?!?  I cannot relate to this on any level, when all you feel for your newborn the minute you give birth is a huge wave of love.  If anyone knows more about this, feel free to comment, but you know what, I think it is too upsetting to think or talk about!

In other news I am looking forward to watching Denise Welch on Piers Morgan tonight!  What's weird is all day it has felt like a Saturday and not a Friday - can't get my head around that!

I think I will leave it there for now as I am pooped - forgive me if I have left out anything glaringly obvious but this is my 1st time doing this and I am sure it will no doubt improve.

Let me know if you enjoyed?

Liska xxx

Weight Loss and Juicing

I promised to juice every day and blog about it.

I think I have only missed about 2-3 days (not juicing) in a 2 week period.

I have done very well but not lost anything, as I have been having a lot of fruit juice and the vegetable juice has been in the minority.

I realised my mistake, so am now trying to make more green juices like this:

They're actually really delicious.  Great for getting you alkaline, and very filling/hydrating.

It was Wednesday when I made this one.

It contained:

cucumber - WHOLE
apples x 2
pear x 1
some fresh parsley
celery - couple of stalks
a handful of dark green salad leaves

Absolutely delicious.

I need to set on a game plan and go for it as the #WWback2best i.e. Weight Watchers back to best bloggers kick-stared today and I really want to join them.  You can watch Super Amazing Mum here and Michelle Twin Mum here.

To be honest, the only reason I didn't is because the current app is for iphones and I have a Samsung.

Anyway I would love to join them in losing a load of weight by Christmas.

So back with an edit:

Writing the above spurred me on so I just went to the kitchen with Aaron and made orange, pineapple and beetroot juice.

4 oranges peeled with pith left on
A quarter of a fresh pineapple peeled
A whole beetroot, raw.

I googled to see if anyone else had ever done that combination as I just did it on the spur of the moment and I found this, so I am glad to see it is healthy etc...

Look at the beautiful colour the beetroot sends it:

Best bit is Aaron likes it as he doesn't like every juice that I make!

As usual the juicer I use is my KT100 chrome from


A love song

Though I've tried before to tell her
Of the feelings hate I have for her in my heart
Every time that I come near her
I just lose my nerve temper as I've done from the start

Every little thing she does is magic maddening
Everything she does just turns me on off
Even though my life before was tragic
Now I know my love for her goes on is gone

Do I have to tell the story
Of a thousand rainy days since we first met?
It's a big enough umbrella
But it's always me that ends up getting wet

Every little thing she does is magic maddening
Everything she do just turns me on off
Even though my life before was tragic
Now I know my love for her goes on is gone

I resolved to call her up
A thousand times a day
Ask her if she'll marry divorce me
In some old fashioned cheapish way

But my silent fears have gripped me
Long before I reach the phone
Long before my tongue has tripped me
Must I always be alone

Every little thing she does is magic maddening
Everything she do just turns me on off
Even though my life before was tragic
Now I know my love for her goes on is gone

Every little thing she does is magic maddening
Everything she do just turns me on off
Even though my life before was tragic
Now I know my love for her goes on is gone

Every little thing, every little thing
Every little thing, every little thing
Every little, every little, every little
Every little thing she does

Every little thing she does
Every little thing she does
Every little thing she does
Thing she does is magic maddening

Every little thing, every little thing
Every little thing she do is magic maddening
Magic, magic, magic, magic, magic, maddening, maddening, maddening, maddening, maddening

Do I have to tell the story
Of a thousand rainy days since we first met?
It's a big enough umbrella
But it's always me that ends up getting wet

For anyone who doesn't know, the song is by the Police (isn't that ironic) and goes like this:

Liska x

Red Bull world cliff diving final 2012

This weekend we went to see the Red Bull world cliff diving final, I must admit I couldn't really be arsed going and it didn't really seem like my kind of thing, quite frankly the only thing I was excited about was getting a Subway sandwich on the way there. Standard.
But.... On this occasion I will admit that I was wrong! I was very pleasantly surprised and we had a great day out. 

Where:             Wadi Shab in Niyabat Tiwi, Oman
Temperature:     34 degrees of full sunshine
Drive: Approx   1.5 hours from Muscat
Platform:           27.5m

So we pull up to the tiny town of Tiwi and it is just hoaching with cars and buses so Colin gets a little inventive with his parking by moving road block signs and reversing his car into the space. Ruuuuuude Boy! At least we could park quite close.

I wasn't really prepared for a hike though, no one mentioned that bit and the most "sturdy" shoes I could find were my box fresh Lacoste golf shoes, they aren't so box fresh anymore.. 
So we had about a 15 minute mini hike, well anything is a hike at 34 degress with 60% humidity, through the rocks and over the river then into the Wadi.

The entrance into the Wadi.. This means "valley" in Arabic.

So we just followed the hundreds of people walking into this valley and I totally did not expect what we got when we arrived, it was pretty frikkin awesome. It was like a massive party with blaring music, dancing, people everywhere! The only thing missing was the bar ;)

There were just people everywhere all over the ledges of rock waiting for the show. The dance music was blaring and the atmosphere was electric, it was really cool to just hang about and soak it all up. Unfortunately the most soaking was my clothes, the only thing ruining my happiness was my sweaty self..

Then when I had actually remembered why we were there I looked up into the cliffs and saw the tiny diving platform... Holy Macaroni.. it is 27.5m above the water and believe me that is crazy high. Or as we would say back home, hoorin high!

The show got underway and it was pretty amazing what these guys do but I couldn't help but wonder if it hurts diving from such a height into the water? How do they get back up the cliff again? Where do they practice this diving if swimming pool boards are only 10m high with no wind?  

But then all my questions were soon forgotten for a while when I saw the most original hat I've ever seen. What do you do when it's freekin boiling hot and you can't find your hat? Well you deflate a football and wear it on your head of course.

I can honestly say I have never sweated so much in all my life as I did today, the wadi was just like a big sun trap and it got very uncomfortable being so hot. Some people had the right idea and chilled out in the water to watch the show while holding onto rubber rings. Next time I will be more prepared and I will not be wearing golf shoes- probably some ugly but "sturdy" shoes that I swore i'd never wear but this isn't the place for my diamante sandals.

Worlds sweatiest girl award goes to me!!

On the way home we were so soaking wet with sweat we had to take out t-shirts off and put them out the car window to try them off a bit, they flapped about in the wind it seemed to work. Unfortunately Colin was a little delirious from all the sunshine and instead of opening his window he opened the car door while driving at 120km/70mph. While still holding the car door open as he is driving he turns to me and goes "I just opened the door", I didn't even know what to say other than "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" while staring at him as he stared at me. The extreme sunshine makes you do funny things, he compared it to people putting an electric kettle on the hob by mistake. Maybe you had to be there at the time but it was very funny..

Ok so I'll admit that I didn't take this next picture but I wanted to show you it so you could get an idea of how high up these divers are and what they see from the top. I really don't know how they do it, balls of steel. The winner was a British guy called Gary Hunt. Go team GB whooo!

So after our early start then busy day and our friends round tonight with their new puppy we are both exhausted. Colin is in bed watching Doctor Who on his iPad and getting annoyed at me for using all the internet speed uploading my pictures, ahh married life :) Night night. Or for you Graham, Noite Noite. x

Dolly found a new home!!

This was a good week for our little rescue dog, Dolly, she has found a new loving family who have decided to adopt her.

A kind lady called Mary saw my appeal online to find Dolly a new home after her tough life and wanted to come and meet her.
When Mary and her daughter came to see Dolly they hardly got a look at her as it turned into the Penny show again with her tricks and showing off but thankfully they saw past the performing Penny and saw how sweet natured and calm Dolly was so decided to take her for a nights trial.

Luckily after a couple of days of settling in and trial Mary decided to let me know that they want to keep Dolly and for her to join their family, they have now renamed her Faith.

I am so happy we were able to get her back to health then find her a new family, her future didn't look too bright if Colin hadn't of rescued her that day but I wish them all the best and hope Dolly gives them alot of happiness as she is a great wee dog. It was tough to give her over to her new family and we all miss her but it's for the best.

Maybe there is a place in heaven for me after all :)

My Fab New WARM Winter Parka Jacket - by Uni Qlo

Yesterday Last night I went to a fab Mexican Masterclass, (the link just given is when another blogger reviewed it; I haven't yet as I want to spend quite some time on it, and that won't be today) at Benito's Hat and I got there too early, so decided to have a bit of a meander round some of the shops near Oxford Circus.

I ended up in Uni Qlo and the story of how I bought the below jacket is hilarious.  Well, not funny, as such, but certainly ironic!

I was captivated looking at their Orla Kiely range, but couldn't find anything for me, as being a size 16-18 (currently) patterns tend to make me look bigger...

As I walked out, (not one to keep an opinion to myself) I said to the Sales Assistant: "Why are you charging £49 for those jackets when they are so flimsy; they feel like tissue paper!"

She explained the whole concept to me.  How they are 90% DOWN feathers, and are incredibly lightweight, yet incredibly WARM!  It is a concept known to skiiers but then I have never been skiing - I know, poor me!

Anyway, being so open to the power of suggestion, and having a little time to kill, I went straight over and tried one on. The colour below is the one that grabbed me.  Don't be fooled by the website which says it is "red" - it is more of a raspberry colour! Gorgeous but not for anyone who normally does Winter in black or grey!

I chose the PARKA, but as you can see they do a few types.  I really regretted yesterday only buying one, instore, so today have ordered (online) another one for my Mum (means I paid postage costs - really wish I got her one yesterday).  I'll then have the hassle of posting it to Ireland, (more postage costs) but what the hell, she will absolutely love it! They are currently £49.90, and apparently that is a limited offer; I don't know how long for.  I just described it to her over the phone.  She wanted the shorter one as she does not like hoods, but I insisted on this one as I said it is important to keep your kidneys warm which she found absolutely hilarious!

WOMEN Premium Down Ultra Light Parka B

Anyway, I wore the above (in size XL which is figure hugging for me) to drop Aaron at nursery this morning and all the staff were raving about it. They all said that they want one.  One said it would be perfect for Thorpe Park, and the other, for festivals!

The real amazing thing is it comes with a drawstring bag which means you can easily carry it to the office if you know it will be cold on the way home in the evening.  It won't weigh you down as it is only 206g.  I know I sound like a walking talking advert but I always get a bit evangelical when I love a product.

Let me know what you think.... in the comments please.

Oh and what I didn't say, was after that conversation with the Sales Assistant, when I went back to try one on, there were ladies clamouring to try them on and buy them.  I was intrigued and not being shy I asked them why.  They were in there due to a full page ad in Shortlist magazine.  Not having worked on Oxford Street since 2002, I did not know what that was, but I picked one up and it is quite an interesting read considering it's free - well impressed.  Provided me some great & funny reading material when I got to Benito's Hat STILL too early (more on that when I write about the Masterclass)!

This is the full page ad that is in Shortlist - no wonder it was making people buy:

Liska xxx











The Gallery - 8 p.m.

In our house we tend to eat at 8 p.m.

Now that the weather has taken a turn (quite frankly I am ffffreeezing) we are now eating warming food naturally!

So our 8 p.m. looks a bit like this:

Liska x

100 Word Challenge

It is weeks since I have taken part in the 100 Word Challenge but I saw that Midlife Single Mum had done so, so here I am.

The prompt for the 100 words is this photo:

Every hurtful comment, every action that shows a lack of understanding, all the evidence of a lack of empathy, all bring me closer to the edge.

I look down, and all I see is a big drop.  I look forward and just see the sea.  I look back and it is all just stone, and a cold terrain.

The atmosphere is barren; my mind is at a loss.

The emptiness and silence is deafening.

The only green shoots are too far away to touch!

Life is cold and threatening.  The drop seems welcoming.

The cold water seems to beckon me...


"Take two" based on feedback given in the comments below, from this blogger.  I have now rewritten as follows:
Hurtful comments, actions born from a complete lack of understanding, no attempt at any empathy, void of all respect, all bring me closer to the edge.

I look down, and all I see is a big drop.  I look forward and just see the sea.  I look back and it is all just stone, and a cold terrain.

The atmosphere is barren; my mind is at a loss.

The emptiness and silence is deafening.

The only green shoots are too far away to touch!

Life is cold and threatening.  The drop seems welcoming.

The cold water seems to beckon me...

The Police are still in The Sun's pockets?

It's great that the revelation of the contemporaneous notes taken by Police Officers at the time of Andrew Mitchell's outburst show that his version of events is lacking.

However, it also shows that there is still a close relationship between the press and the police if The Sun has such ready access to a PC's notebook?!?!?

It surprises me somewhat, given the Leveson Enquiry!

The PC's version is supposedly: "Best you learn your f***ing place. You don't run this ****ing government.  You're f***ing plebs."

His way out now, instead of unreservedly apologising is to dispute their version of events, by saying he did not say plebs.

What he in fact is doing is (1) disrespecting them in the first place and now (2) calling them liars.

Given the relationship those officers no doubt have with Politicians who they probably banter with everyday, I don't think it was in their interests to ham up their version of events - I am inclined to believe their recollection.

Mr Mitchell however has a great number of reasons to dispute their memory, despite it being contemporaneous!

He (Mitchell) is in fact making the storm in a tea cup, a great deal worse, and ensuring that there are new installments in the press everyday.

In fact, it is his stubborn stance that has probably caused the PC's notebook to have been viewed by others, be they press or whoever.

The thing with apologies is they need to be genuine, speedy, and with a touch of humility.  Taking the higher ground when you already fell off it, is not the way to go.

I watch the ongoing developments on this one with a great deal of interest.

I am laughing about the fact that he apparently demands that all males in his department wear jackets and ties, yet has been known to conduct a meeting without shoes and still wearing his bicycle clips.

My inspiration for this post came from my reading of this morning's "i" paper (known as the essential daily briefing).

Maybe he needs to release an "I'm Sorry" song :-)

If this whole episode has passed you by and you want to read more, this is an interesting read.

Liska x

Dishes Dishes and More Dishes!

How does washing up work in your house?

I know a lot of couples say: "If I cook dinner will you wash up?" And in a lot of houses it goes without saying...

Well last Thursday I cooked a GORGEOUS dinner and hubby said he would wash up that night - me and Aaron went to bed.

That night he had cave man time down time instead and left me a note that he would wash up in the morning.  Next morning he only gets up with enough time to get ready for work so the dishes are left.  So I very visibly did them in front of him.  But then at a later time, I also had to do all the saucepans - I'd used Saladmaster and there were a lot to wash.

I was so angry I swore I would never make him dinner again (I do the bulk of the washing up since Aaron was born).  And after 2 years+ I have just about had enough.

Anyway yesterday I spent 3 hours tidying the kitchen followed by 2-3 hours cooking.

Dinner was beautiful and it was on the table the minute he got in from work.

He really enjoyed it and said he would wash up.

I knew he wouldn't and sure enough, neither last did nor this morning did he....

So as he is off today I went into his cave the study and asked why not.  First he tells me he will wash up when he runs out of dishes or cutlery.

When I looked absolutely aghast, he then said: "Well we don't have a clear sink policy do we?"

No, I may go to bed without washing up, as I quite often go to bed with Aaron but what he doesn't see is that I always then do the washing up the following morning (usually fuming as he never does).

Yes then there is washing up there again when he gets in, but it is different washing up.

BUT ever since I cleared the kitchen out to make room for the juicer I am trying to make more of an effort and have a kitchen I can be proud of, hence spending yesterday tidying it.

He always CLAIMS to want a tidy home, yet I find he does not meet me half way!

So then, he has stayed in his cave all morning this morning and then he came to the kitchen to throw his arms around me, about 30 minutes ago, to say "Aaron, you did not know Mummy was a champion ten pin bowler at University".

To which I said "No, Mummy is now a champion bottle washer" (when he'd approached me I was washing all of Aaron's bottles having already done last night's plates AND cutlery and sterilised all of Aaron's bath toys).

It was probably a white flag moment but as I didn't seize it as such, hubby stomped off.

Yes, Aaron is still on bottles at 27 months.  He has one every morning, at every afternoon nap, and every night.  I know a lot of people take them off them at 10 months and a few months after, but we are not following that model.

As with other things, I will know when he is ready.  (Plus he has never ever had a dummy).

Anyway, I digressed.

I am fed up of being Chief Bottle Washer!  I didn't know I would become a sterotypical wife, chained to the kitchen sink, just because we had a baby.

And it is not because I am out of work at the moment; he was like this even when I was busy doing long hours in my 3 days a week.

Fed up of it.  And yes, husband I DO WANT A CLEAR SINK POLICY!

The above has been on pause, not published yet... and now... I come back with a new gripe that happened at about 13:30 today:

Oh God about 10 minutes ago he said I need Jo Frost! Just because I wanted him to hold Aaron while I made scrambled egg on toast and because Aaron wanted me, he now thinks he is spoiled.

NO MAN! All you needed to do was read to him or engage him in some way and he would not have wanted mummy and neither of you would have needed to enter the kitchen, and this whole "Super Nanny" pointless conversation would never have happened.

God he makes me so angry my blood boils!

It would never have happened if he got on the floor and played with the trains with Aaron...!

Liska xx

Clarks - Shoes for a 2 Year Old Boy - Review

I never made a secret of the fact that I thought Clarks got it very wrong with their pre-shoes range.  In fact Aaron had three pairs of Pre Shoes which I much preferred.

Having taught yoga for 6 years and having worked in the wellbeing footwear world also for 6 years, I am fussy about Aaron's footwear, and feet.

Despite not being a fan of Clarks in the pre shoe stage, all but one of his shoes since then have been Clarks.  Just one time, we were in Covent Garden and couldn't find a Clarks so his shoes that time were Skechers (which ironically were not any cheaper).

Anyway for the last 6 months Aaron has lived in sandals (Clarks' Doodles to be precise and I love them!) - I had him in sandals last Summer too (also Clarks' Doodles) - with socks on nippy days and barefoot on hot days.  But yesterday, (i), the weather is changing and (ii), his toes were at the very edge and EVEN MORE SO as I had socks on him yesterday which seemed to make his sandals look way too small.

So we headed into Clarks in Wood Green and this is what we were faced with:

Now thanks to this you tube video (that I watched a while back) I knew all about shoes BENDING in the wrong part of the shoe, which is exactly what the fur trimmed one on the middle row, second from the left does.  Don't touch it - we did not even try it on for that reason.

We tried on:
the ones on the left in the top row, but they looked like clown shoes when they were on.
the ones you can see with the dinosaur on the side; and finally
The ones in the bottom row, second from the left.

Despite the dinosaurs it was THOSE that Aaron and I loved.  They are called HARKLIN HI and they are "khaki leather".  They were a STOMPING £36 and last year his winter boots (also from Clarks) were £34 (that's inflation for you).

Aaron is a massive 9 G, which I am told is big for a 2 year old (he is only 27 months).

Anyway, he looked comfortable in them straight away.  (1) they have a distressed look so looked normal immediately (2) they 100% go with his cool dude style of dressing (3) he did not need to wear them in and was running and walking (and on slides and swings all evening in Ally Pally) and (4) baby AND Mummy loves them! Result! Don't love the price tag though.

They have a great electronic machine now for measuring, that you stand in, but it did not work for Aaron so they measured him manually and I love it as they measure width too.

This is the poster they now have in store, which sums up what they offer.

This is the first time I was served by a GREAT sales assistant - was very happy with her.

At some point I will upload a pic of Aaron wearing them, but trust me they look GOOD on.  I just wish this was a sponsored post - I could do with not having spent £36 being unemployed at the moment :-(

Bye for now,
Liska xx

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday