Dolly Big Nipples & Penny Monster

If you have ever met me then you will know about my huge love for dogs! Big dogs, small dogs, it doesn't matter they just have something about them that I love their company and luckily my husband seems to love them too.

So my main conditions of moving to Oman were:

  1. We can bring our 11 month German Shepherd Penny with us,
  2. We find a house with a garden so it gives the dog some space outside.
Well we managed to get Penny here at a HUGE expense but I don't care it is all worth it, it would have broken my heart to leave her behind. And we managed to get a house with a bit of grass which is surprisingly rare here!

So I had only been in the country for 16 hours when Colin turned up outside with a new dog, I hadn't even unpacked my case yet and there is a new dog in our garden. I had mixed emotions and for a start I wasn't overly impressed at his spontaneous addition to the family, actually my first response was "What the f**k Colin?"....  but when he explained where the dog came from I totally agreed that we had to look after her.

This is her on day one:

The wee dog standing in our garden shaking was filthy, skinny and most of all she had massive nipples and I wasn't quite sure how to approach her of the marhsallow sized things attached to her eeww. Penny bounded straight over and wanted to play but this little dog was scared to move, the only movement was peeing herself in fear. I guess I would be scared too if a huge wolf looking creature weighing 5 stone and paws the size of  my head was pushing me around. Colin explained that she was living in a warehouse near his work & had just had 8 puppies (hense the massive nipples) but the desert dogs had killed them all onfront of her. She was so thin because she had no food, she had used up the last of her energy feeding her pups and the only water she had was the drips out of an AC unit. How could I say no to helping her?

So wee took this helpless little dog into our very new home and fed, bathed and looked after her being the dog lovers that we are. We took her to the vet to be checked out and was surprisingly healthy despite her circumstances so we decided to foster her until we can find her a new loving home.

Originally I named her "Pirate", only Samantha will really understand this joke and I know she will laugh when she reads this, Hi Sam! But the name didn't really roll off the tongue so we listed lots of celebrity females with big boobs such as Pamela Anderson, Kelly Brook, Dolly Parton and the name Dolly seemed to stick. Cute name for a cute wee dog.

So we have had little Dolly for almost two weeks now and what a super wee dog she is! I have her toilet trained and she can sit, stay, paw and walk on a lead which is amazing progress for a dog who was born outside and never knew human kindness. And the goodness was the marshmallow nips have decreased in size, they must have been swollen (and I'm still speaking about the dog here yes)

We think that we might have found her a new home and I really hope it all works out for her but if we can help to set her up for the rest of her life then we are doing something special. Look how happy she is is now...