Dolly found a new home!!

This was a good week for our little rescue dog, Dolly, she has found a new loving family who have decided to adopt her.

A kind lady called Mary saw my appeal online to find Dolly a new home after her tough life and wanted to come and meet her.
When Mary and her daughter came to see Dolly they hardly got a look at her as it turned into the Penny show again with her tricks and showing off but thankfully they saw past the performing Penny and saw how sweet natured and calm Dolly was so decided to take her for a nights trial.

Luckily after a couple of days of settling in and trial Mary decided to let me know that they want to keep Dolly and for her to join their family, they have now renamed her Faith.

I am so happy we were able to get her back to health then find her a new family, her future didn't look too bright if Colin hadn't of rescued her that day but I wish them all the best and hope Dolly gives them alot of happiness as she is a great wee dog. It was tough to give her over to her new family and we all miss her but it's for the best.

Maybe there is a place in heaven for me after all :)