I wish I could save them all :(

Oh my... I'm quite sad this morning at the amount of cats and dogs that are left behind by their owners here in Muscat. Online, in the newspaper and all over Facebook there is news of Expat families not able to fly their pets home as they can't afford it or they just don't have time, so what do they do? Well it seems that the easiest option is to take them to a residential area and tie them to a pole so someone will see/hear them and take pity on them.
This is so sad, what happens if no one takes them in? They die there? 

It is common knowledge that If dogs in the area here become a nuisance they are generally shot. These poor pups didn't ask to be born and left there. 

Hopefully we have found a home for our wee rescue dog Dolly and when she goes to her loving new home we plan to foster a new dog. The plan is to do the same as we did with Dolly - Fed them up, love them, teach some basic training and manners and into a decent pet dog then rehome them. I guess we would be like a half way house kind of idea. But if we fostered a dog and they happened to be perfect and got along well with Penny then we would keep them. I just wish we could help them all.

This is just the dogs I am talking about, I haven't actually seen any stray dogs in my area yet but it is cats galore. I'll leave them upto some other caring expatriate to show them some kindness...