Reasons To Be Cheerful

Mummy from The Heart is back from her bloggy break with this Reasons to Be Cheerful post.

Welcome back Mich.

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Here are mine.

I have a juicer arriving today.  I am cleaning the kitchen like a mad thing (boy did it need doing) to get ready for its arrival - you'd think a guest was on the way :-)

In August we received our replacement Ikea bed base (ALSARP) and replacement Sultan Hjartdal mattress, and on Monday it was finally all assembled.  We are no longer sleeping on a sofa bed - hoorah!  I absolutely LOVE it and can't recommend it enough!  As you can see on this American blog the storage in the bed base is awesome!  Our previous bed and mattress were NOT these items, so I am not insinuating that these particular products are defective.  The Ikea website says this about our new mattress and I couldn't agree more:
A 4.5 cm thick layer of memory foam in the integrated mattress pad moulds to your body, improving blood circulation to both muscles and skin and enabling your body to relax more fully.
I am getting my head around the fact that I may do freelance work instead of going back to the 9-5.  We shall see... but a couple of exciting things in the pipeline.

What else am I cheerful about?  Shall I say again, my juicer is arriving today.  I am cheerful that this heralds the beginning of a new healthy me.  I shall blog/vlog about the weight loss that will ensue to my heart's content (and the weight loss will no doubt be literally to my heart's content - tee hee!).  Oh and if you have any questions about juicers, ensure you give Mark Snare from Juice Producer a ring on 0208 3745 604.  He is a pleasure to talk to and a real wealth of information.  Quite ironic that this is point FOUR considering the reason I want to get fit and healthy is because the age of 40 is around the corner, and I am NOT leaving it to the last minute, not for a moment!  The last time I committed to a healthy eating plan and lost 3 stone was 2001.  Over 10 years ago.  It is about time I did it again.  I want to look and feel my best.  I want to be radiant and I want to enjoy life and not spend it sleeping/sleepwalking.

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Bye for now,
Liska xxx