There aint no Tesco here!

A trip to the supermarket here can be ridiculous, you really need to go during sunlight hours as after sunset when the temperature drops a little then the crowds descend. And don't even think about going at the weekend! They aren't even the size of supermarkets, you get Hypermarkets which are even bigger.

One of our favorite British pastimes is queing. We seem to love it, we que for everything - at the bank, in the supermarket and in traffic. Don't count on peoples manners here. If you can't beat them then your going to have to join them or you will be there for hours and I'm not joking.. Queing in traffic is only done if you really have to.

Top five things I miss about UK supermarkets:
  1. Wait your turn and you will be served.
  2. Pork sausages and bacon!!
  3. If people put their trolley in your way then you can call them any name you want, freedom of speech and all that. Not here, grin and bear it.
  4. You can go what ever time you want and your not going to have to try and play 'Wheres Wally' to find Colin in Supermarket over a thousand Indians. Except Christmas Eve of course, anyone who goes to Tesco on that day has a death wish.
  5. Buying alcohol. You need a licence here and then have to go to a special liquor store with blackened out windows. I quite liked standing in Tesco deciding how good my Saturday night out was going to be by deciding whether to scrimp with Glenn's, safe middle of the road with Smirnoff or splash out on Absaloute vodka.

BUT..... Saying all that, a shopping trip can be very amusing here. You get some weird and wonderful food. If you are feeling quesey then don't scroll down too far.

A Sailfish is part of the Sword Fish & Marlin family and is now for sale at the fish counter. These are considered "big game fishing" as they are so large and can swim upto 68mph. This one has had its sharp bill sawn off, probably so some wee nugget doesn't take their eye out with it. You can even get shark steaks if you really want it.

Local lamb brain anyone?! This would cost you about £1.60 but i'm not even sure what you would do with it, brain on toast?

This freaked me out the most - Lamb's tongue. It even has all the taste buds and everything still on it. Ughhh!