Thought you should know!

This is a follow up to my last post concerning 4Shared and it's yearly storage plan.

After receiving their last reply simply saying wait till the end of the month, I had
no other option other than respond saying my subscription ends the 28th of August
and I can't wait and watch it run out, especially with 700 + web posts and download
links hanging in the balance.  I sent this last Friday and still no response, so I downloaded all of my folders and have painstakingly been re-uploading my files to another provider, and I can't say how much of a pain not to mention it's always slower to upload than download.

As I stated in my last post, I had concerns about resigning with what they called a reseller, which all were stationed overseas, I have concerns about giving my personal and bank data to foreign businesses, I know the majority of suspected web storage providers reside overseas and I read about some of them, not all and their illegal activity daily on the web, better to be cautious than unwise.

After thinking about the laborious duty of re-uploading all those files and having to post all new direct links to each post, I thought, give it a shot and try to resign with a reseller that 4Shared states my best option, off I go to my first choice finding out that they are out of stock, huh!
I try another, only to get we're not accepting new customers, well ain't this the pits, again I try yet another, only to get we're not accepting cards, or Paypal at this time ............. I see a shady trend.

I try four more, only to get one of many questionable reasons reasons why they aren't accepting new accounts.  I even try a 6 month term only to receive the same responses.

So, I am not about to do further business with 4shared, and I hope I can help and discourage someone else from thinking about 4shared and their inability to renew a yearly subscription, sad, sad business practice.

I'm feeling much better in health as opposed to the last couple of weeks, following the Doctors orders and getting plenty of rest seems to have worked.

I've replaced my yearly 4shared Pro subscription with a yearly Pro subscription with Mediafire, which uploading numerous files and replacing download URLs was an extreme and tedious task but all is done for now.

*** If by any chance you have a problem with a Direct Download link, please  let me know, and name the file in question .............thanks.